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Code Archive Categories   {Jump to Author List}

Addins   {Category List} {Author List}
Add-in : 8 usefull tools for developers (Acc 97 to 2003) (Skrol29)
Add-in : 8 usefull tools for developers (Acc 97-2000-2002) (Skrol29)
Add-in: 8 usefull tools for developers (Acc 97 to 2007) V-Tools (Skrol29)
Good Add - ins (ChrisSymonds)

Alerts, Status & Messages   {Category List} {Author List}

Almost Instant Messenger (LenaWood)
Message Flash Demo (Webby)
Message or Countdown in the Application Title Bar (mvos)
Net Send Function for alerting network users (tankman)
Non-ActiveX Progress/Status Meter (CyberCow)
Outlook Popup Notify (NigelShaw150)
Progress Bar Demo (Webby)
Progress Meter (Dial222)
Progress/Status Bars Demo Samples (freakazeud)
Send a message to all logged-in users (adaytay)
Status Monitor (sjcharles)

Application Timeouts   {Category List}
Forced shutdown/inactivity shutdown - database demo (OpnSeason)
Have Database Expire 30 Days After First Time Opened (kapeller)
TimeOut-Forceoff (re-edited) (ChrisSymonds)

Audio   {Category List}
A Deeper Beeper (CyberCow)
Cd/audio File Player (Alan_G)
Making System Speaker Beep (on event) (bush5150)
MP3 Parser (Teatime)
Play AVI (Animated Splash) (CyberCow)
Reading Lyric info from an MP3 file (ID3 tag) (Njingi)
Speaker Volume Control (schroep)
Using the built in PC Speaker (kangarooman)

Auditing   {Category List}
Audit Trail (kenick)
Audit Trail Database - Made SUPER Simple (dallr)
Audit Trail for Access 2000 (GlenKruger)
Audit Trail for Access 97 (GlenKruger)
Security and User Tracking DB (RedLineSkis)
Who deleted what, when and where from (Alan_G)

Autonumbering   {Category List}
Custom AutoNumbers (jleach)
DMax Plus one for use with differing categories. (Rainlover)
Fake Autonumber (vajra918)
Function to replace Autonumber (kkeydel)
Generating sequential numbers for INSERT/UPDATE statements (jinky44)
How to Create an Incrementing Record Number (dashiellx2000)
Increment Alphabetically (Candace Tripp)
Increment Alphanumeric Field Demo (GlenKruger)
Numbering rows in a query (Luiz_Cl�udio)

Colors & Graphics   {Category List}
Animated GIFs in Access (Steve_Woodhouse)
Animation - using animated GIF files in your db's (ghudson)
Animation with Animated GIF's in Access (R. Hicks)
Back Color Gradient for MS Access (pdebaets)
Capture Screen to BMP file (mmb)
Change/customize windows/application Collors (Scrollbars, Captio (freakazeud)
Color Blender (dallr)
Color Changing Utility (cew657)
Color Combination Viewer (CyberCow)
Color Picker (CyberCow)
Color Scheme for Access Forms (pdebaets)
Convert Hex, RGB to Access/VB and back (CyberCow)
Create Color Gradients for Form Backgrounds at runtime! (freakazeud)
Create Thumbnail Of Hi-res Image - All In Access! (JonSmith)
Display Sets of Pictures in a Database (Candace Tripp)
Distributing Custom Icons Microsoft Access 2000 (rbaron)
Drag, drop and resize. (ChrisO)
Drawing borders around controls on Reports. (ChrisO)
Drawing shapes with classes on reports in A97. (ChrisO)
Fading Images (ChrisO)
Office Assistant Animations (Candace Tripp)
Photoshop Created Buttons - "Mouse Over" Events (bulsatar)
Seven Segment display (Simulated LED) (doctor9)
Skinned -- my first attempt (Candace Tripp)
SysColors for MS Access (pdebaets)
Windows System Colour Picker (jerschwab)
Windows System Colour Picker Access 97 (jerschwab)

Controls   {Category List}
"List Box" with colored rows (Candace Tripp)
"Move" and "Resize" controls on Forms and Reports (Candace Tripp)
A Popup Form Instead Of A Combobox For Inactive Customers, Employees, Etc. (projecttoday)
Adding Data to a Combo Box - when Not In List (pere_de_chipstick)
Adding records to a Combo Box when 'Not In List' (pere_de_chipstick)
Alpha Selection For Combo Or Listbox (NevilleT)
Array of controls demo (GlenKruger)
Auto Scrolling About Box (Namor)
Autofill textbox example. (jeffyritz)
Bigger Checkbox (NoahP)
Cascade Combo - leaving null values (Candace Tripp)
Cascade Combo - with two tables (Candace Tripp)
Cascading Combo Boxes minus the Cascading part (fallenrayne)
Centralize Menu Choices with an Option Group (argeedblu)
Change properties (such as backcolor, font, et al) of Controls o (Candace Tripp)
Chart Xml/sfw With Access 2007 (Kastejon)
Click and drag listbox headers to resize columns (cheekybuddha)
code: set DisplayControl property to Textbox where it is Combo (strive4peace)
Color buttons a simple solution (cableguy)
Color Command Buttons -- Access 2000 (Candace Tripp)
Colored Button Examples for MS Access (pdebaets)
Colored tabs (schroep)
Combo Boxes Examples & Control Examples by Database Creation (Highlander)
Combo Not In List Event (pere_de_chipstick)
Control Auto-sizer Based On Length Of Caption (sean_m)
Control Cursor When Entering A Control .... (R. Hicks)
Control Micromanagement Stuff (tinygiant)
Counting Checkboxes On A Continuous Subform (PC_User)
Create Cascading Combo Box Sets (Candace Tripp)
Create tabs with any color you want (khaos)
Create Web Style Graphic Button Sets (Candace Tripp)
Custom Controls (jleach)
Custom Sliders (khaos)
Enable/Disable all Controls on a Form (Candace Tripp)
Ensuring uniform control width on forms and reports (ttoews)
Get Control Type on Form (Candace Tripp)
Hyperlink Alternative for Command Button (GlenKruger)
Hyperlink Instead of Command Button (pdebaets)
Improved Autofill Example (jeffyritz)
List Box Filtering Extended (pere_de_chipstick)
Listbox ...... Select All / Unselect All (R. Hicks)
ListBox Picker (strive4peace)
Make a combobox read-only (randgk)
Make your labels behave like Hyperlinks (Jimbob)
move items from one listbox to another (Eupher)
Move Up Move Down in a List Box (fkegley)
Move/Change Order of List Box Items with Up/Down Buttons (Candace Tripp)
msoControlEdit Text Value (ALMU3YN)
Multi coloured buttons (sort of)! (chrome_gecko)
Multi value Combo Boxes in A2007 (pere_de_chipstick)
Multi Value Fields Demo (pere_de_chipstick)
Multi-column Listbox Sorter (value list) (randgk)
Multiple Checkbox GUI In A Normalized Structure (NoahP)
Multiple Control Selector (Time Picker Example) (niesz)
Multi-select Demo (doctor9)
Multi-Select List box handler for In or Or Clause Generation (paulf)
MultiSelect Listbox to Filter a Subform (dallr)
Multi-Value Combo For Filtering With Enhancements (hk1)
Netscape Style Minimize Maximized Tab Bar (Banquo_ws)
New Improved Web Style Command Button Set (Candace Tripp)
NEW List Box To List Box NEW (fkegley)
NEWER ListBox to ListBox (fkegley)
Populate a form's controls/text boxes based on combobox selectio (Candace Tripp)
Populate a Listbox with Files from a Directory (dallr)
Printing contents of treeview (Clippit)
Progressively Filter a Listbox by a Textbox (niesz)
Quickly set tab order for controls (RNeal)
Referencing a form, subform, controls and their types. (ghubbell)
Referencing controls on a form (QDS)
Referencing Forms and Subforms (WONGMEISTER)
Referring to Images on Forms. (ChrisO)
Reorder ListBox (Alan_G)
Resizeable List Box - Access 2000 (argeedblu)
Returning the number of the column clicked in a standard Access (kkeydel)
Set Focus To A Tab On A Tab Control (jleach)
Shockwawe Flash (Kastejon)
Sort by columns in form... (deesloop)
Sorting a listbox or combobox by clicking its column heading (JAVIRAFY)
SuperCool ComboBox. (zocker)
Tree View from recursive table (csawyer)
TreeView Control - Made Friendly (TKilboy)
TreeView Control Displaying Hierarchical Data (Supervisor & (dallr)
Treeview control for database objects (Luiz_Cl�udio)
Treeview Example (rwnelson)
Treeview Sample With Drag And Drop (datAdrenaline)
Using a Multi-Select List Box in a Many-to-Many Relationship (Fletch)
Using a Multi-Select Listbox As Criteria for a Form or Report (Jerry Dennison)
Using Check Boxes in a many to many relationship (argeedblu)
Using Labels as Buttons (mvos)
Using Listboxes in a Many to Many Relationship (mvos)
Using Multiple Combo Boxes to Filter a Form - This Works! (jcorlando)
VelociTab - Speed Form Opening by Late-Binding Controls on Tab Pages (pdebaets)
Web-Style Command Button Set (Candace Tripp)
yes/no checkbox alternatives (deesloop)

Currency   {Category List}
Calculate Stock (wizcow)
Check Register Database (burrina)
Convert Currency to Text, i.e. $222.01 -> TWO HUNDRED TWENTY- (Candace Tripp)
credit cards processing example (MicroE)
IBAN Validation (stephensaid)
Quote Updater (PC_User)
Vat Calculator Form (IanStow)

Database Management   {Category List}
Access 2000 Conversion Whitepaper (QDS)
Access 2000 Upsizing Tools Whitepaper (QDS)
Access object use tracker (hillmm)
Access Repair Kit (Keaian)
Archive Database -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Auto compact and backup. (ChrisO)
Auto Update users Front Ends (JDComp)
Autobackup -- Access 2000 (Candace Tripp)
Autodisable AllowBypassKey in MDE/ACCDE Files (pere_de_chipstick)
Automate Compacting Database on a Schedule (roxz72)
Automate Compacting w/Scheduler (roxz72)
Automatic backup of linked Access datafile (angusn)
Awsome Tool for Developers (argeedblu)
Back up database demo for Access 2000 (GlenKruger)
Backup and Compact (mvos)
BackUp BackEnd Database (Split DB only) (R. Hicks)
Backup To (and Restore From) Text Files -- May Eliminate Errors (strive4peace)
Backup, Backup, Backup, ...(2) (germargo)
Backup, Backup, Backup,... (germargo)
Can't remember all your Public Method Names? Take a Peak (Timbuck2)
Code Snippet Db (bulsatar)
Code to link Access data tables on server to a front-end (DAO) (AlanJohnson)
compact & Shutdown (hajlin)
Compact and Repair FE and BE Files (pere_de_chipstick)
Compare 2 db (tomhendrickx)
Converting Access 97 databases to Access 2000 databases (Candace Tripp)
Data Dictionary: List Tables and Fields, check Reserved Words (strive4peace)
Database modification tracker (RedLineSkis)
Database Objects to Array (Candace Tripp)
Design Assistant Tool (dblife)
Document and Rebuild a Form, Store Property Values in Table (strive4peace)
Document Form and Report RecordSources, and Query SQL (strive4peace)
Document Linked Tables with BE Description and Path (strive4peace)
Document Queries to Excel (SQL, Fields, etc) (strive4peace)
Easily decompile your databases! (adaytay)
Easy Compacter for Access 97,2000 and XP (tomhendrickx)
EASY COMPACTER FOR ACCESS 97,2000 and XP (Part 2) (tomhendrickx)
Easy Front-End AutoUpdater for large (or small) database environ (AncientCPU)
Form and Report manager (ChrisSymonds)
Front End Automatic Update to New Version (sjcharles)
Generating Instrumentation Loop Diagrams from a Database (ChrisO)
Get Jet Version (Candace Tripp)
How do I compact 1 or more databases at a scheduled time in Acce (GlenKruger)
Improve Performance: Subdatasheet to None (strive4peace)
Install, Update, and Launch an Access Database with a batch (.ba (MicroE)
Is Database Replica (Candace Tripp)
Is Runtime (Candace Tripp)
Jet Version (khaos)
Leaner Relinking Tools (CyberCow)
Link Tables: Re-Linking back-end (BE) database (strive4peace)
Linked Table Labeler -- Access 97 database (strive4peace)
Linked Table List (kewoman)
Linked table manager (Luiz_Cl�udio)
Linking Tables (jppiii)
List All Tables, Fields, Field Types In Excel Spreadsheet (kennyrogersjr)
Listing All Indexed Fields In A Database (dallr)
Log hits to your application - Access 97 (JDWalter)
Lookup table Wizard / Manager (Dial222)
MDB source code mapping example -- for documenting mdb (jinky44)
Microsoft Access 2000 Data Engine Options Whitepaper (QDS)
Modified Date for Objects (ScottGem)
My Database Summary Routine (jstiene)
New version of the free Auto FE Updater available (ttoews)
Nice little packaging tool for those without runtime files. (PaulBrand)
Object Migration Worksheet (kspaight)
Preventing Multiple Instances of a database - Access RunTime Env (ByteMyzer)
Referencing Access System Opjects (jhcarrell)
Relink / Swap Between LIVE, TEST and LOCAL Data (CyberCow)
Relink all attached tables to a new database (Candace Tripp)
ReLinker: multi-BE, Label Table Description to show Connect info (strive4peace)
Relinking and splash screen. (WildBird)
Re-Linking Back-End Tables (CyberCow)
Returning the total number of lines of code in a database (robcooper)
Search For Text ... (datAdrenaline)
Search For Text, A2000+ (datAdrenaline)
Step-By-Step Database Repairing (Myke)
Stress testing database containing 4 million rows of data (BananaRepublic)
Sync multiple mirror databases (vajra918)
Table Size in Bytes (BentBrain)
TableLinker for MS Access (pdebaets)
Updated Auto Update (and now Publish) MDE Front Ends (LearninAccess)
Updating Objects In A Database (ihitman)
User-friendly backup and recover system for password protected b (bnewman)
Utilities for DB (cafofoman)
Versioning (ScottGem)
Versioning (ScottGem)
View Your Relationships In A Query Grid. (datAdrenaline)
Visual Basic 6 to an Access 2000/2002 backend database (Candace Tripp)
Ways to Improve on FE Updater (RJS)

Date & Time   {Category List}
5-Week Calendar (Outlook style) (slowreply04)
ACC2000 - Custom Calendar (No ActiveX; No OCX; No DLL) (Dom DXecutioner)
Access Report That Looks And Behaves Like A Calendar (JohnDurbin)
Add or subtract a number of business days to a date (Candace Tripp)
Analog Clock (-Scott-)
Analog Clock (syale)
Another Calendar! (pere_de_chipstick)
Another Datepicker - Simplified Install (merlenicholson)
Another non Active-X, Custom Access Calendar/Day Planner (cfields)
Another Non-ActiveX Calendar (RJS)
Be kind to your users -- Date Range Buttons -- 97 (strBean)
Calander Database (Wendell)
Calander Database in 97/2K/XP format (Wendell)
Calculate Age - Years.Months.Days (raskew)
Calculate Easter Sunday for any given year (sjcharles)
Calculate First Monday in Month ... (R. Hicks)
Calculate Last Friday in Month ... (R. Hicks)
Calculate Specific Days and Dates ... (R. Hicks)
Calculate Working Days (ihitman)
Calculating Age (Jerry Dennison)
Calendar And Analog Clock Merged Into 1 (-Scott-)
Calendar control (dinyarc)
Calendar Form (ScottGem)
Calendar Popup (Date Picker) with and without Scheduled Events (gary84)
Calendar Popup (Date Picker), Month/Year/Events Calendar Styles (gary84)
Calendar REPORTS (nickusaf)
Calendar\Diary Demo (mvos)
Calendar\Diary Demo (Multi User) (mvos)
Calendar\Diary Demo Update (mvos)
Convert Seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds (eb1mom)
Count occurances of a given day ... (datAdrenaline)
Count Weekdays (philben)
Custom Date/Time handler (Tomolena)
Date As Words (CyberCow)
Date Manipulations in Access (balaji)
Date Picker Popup (strive4peace)
DateDiff .... StartTime/EndTime Results in a Negative Number (R. Hicks)
Datetime Functions (CyberCow)
Digital Clock Example ..... (R. Hicks)
Employee Vacation Request Calendar (RJS)
Expanding and Contracting Calendar UPDATE (JohnDurbin)
Fnetworkdays And Faddworkdays ... (yes Another One!) (datAdrenaline)
Frequently Asked Between DateX And DateY Criteria .... (R. Hicks)
Get Fiscal/Accounting Calendar Dates (NoahP)
Get Start Date of Week from Week Number ... (R. Hicks)
Get time for Intervals in Seconds (Garfieldm842)
Going from Week Number to Date Range (CyberCow)
How long until Santa arrives for Christmas? (ghudson)
How many days of the week are in a given month (GlenKruger)
How many Mondays, Tuesdays, etc between 2 dates (r_cubed)
How Many Weekdays Between Two Dates - An alternate approach (raskew)
How To Add National/Public Dates To Your Database (Peter Hibbs)
HTML Calendar Report (strive4peace)
Interfacing Access with Outlook Calendar (LakeGator)
Is Leap Year? (Candace Tripp)
Last Previous Weekday Function (GroverParkGeorge)
Ms Outlook Style Calendar For Access Projects (Peter Hibbs)
Next Work Day (sjcharles)
Non-ActiveX Calendars (CyberCow)
Non-ActiveX Full Year Calendar (RJS)
On time and how much has elapsed sample (BentBrain)
Ordinal Week of Month (argeedblu)
Popup Calendar (mvos)
Popup Calendar - Version 3 (mvos)
Popup Calendar Enhanced (mvos)
RE: Calander Database (Wendell)
Return List of Dates with specified Day of Month (ZapDude)
Return the Last Specified Weekday in a Month (raskew)
Returning Combined Date/Time Elements (raskew)
Round Analog Clock (II) (CyberCow)
Shaped Analog Clock (CyberCow)
Stopwatch class (dgolds)
Time Difference ... (datAdrenaline)
Time Logging Database Sample (dblife)
Time picker (Niniel)
Time Picker; Date Picker; Date Time Picker (datAdrenaline)
Time Pieces (date/time Pickers; Calendar Scheduler N' Stuff) 3 (CyberCow)
Time to Text .... (datAdrenaline)
Updated Appointment Calendar (doctor9)
Vacation Tracker (CyberCow)
Wait until the specified date and time before exiting (Candace Tripp)
Web Calendar (PC_User)
WeekDays between dates - alternate approach #2 (r_cubed)

Email   {Category List}
Access Report in Email message text (ethermutt)
Another Outlook/Exchange Demo -- CDO Experts Please Help (strBean)
Automailer (warbuckle)
Email address validation (angusn)
Email Errors Automatically (turbo)
Email from Access (ihitman)
Email Snapshot file from Outlook (replaces SendObject). (MicroE)
E-mail validator (MrSiezen)
E-Mail via Lotus Notes or Outlook (chmer01)
Formatted (color,bold,italic...)Outlook E-mail from Access+Valid (freakazeud)
Function to send email via Lotus Notes (MicroE)
Group Email Manager (Dave Elliot)
Improved email demo (strBean)
Improved Save Outlook Attachments (BenPurser)
Lotus Notes Email from Access (IbobNdave)
Mail Merge Access Data With a Word Document (NoahP)
Managing Local Email Addresses Using Access and Outlook (mvos)
Phonebook (Address Book) and Email Distribution List (gary84)
Phonebook Email Distribution List - Version 2007-05-30-0 (gary84)
Redemption Sample With Class (khaos)
Send E-Mail using either Outlook or CDO (cdonts.dll) -A2K (Candace Tripp)
Send Mail (not using Docmd.Sendobject) (danch)
Send Mail from Access 97 using Outlook Object (danch)
Send Outlook Email, Save As A File, And Store Hyperlink In Access (NevilleT)
Sending Email and attachments from Access using Automation (ihitman)
Sending email from Access2002 to Outlook recipient (using MS Exc (bfranklin)
Sending Email Via Smtp With CDO (cheekybuddha)
Sending Emails To A Group, One Person At A Time (NoahP)
To create MailItem in OutLook while in MS ACCESS (cs51)
Use Tokens to Send Email with Access and Novell Groupwise (BrianS)

Errors   {Category List}
.::. Error Logging .::. (trip)
All Inclusive Error Handling (the_utmost)
Eliminate 'Too few Parameters' Error Using CurrentDb.Execute (NoahP)
Global Error Handling (CyberCow)
List of Access Errors in an Access Database - ver: 4.00 (CyberCow)

Excel Automation   {Category List}
Excel -- Export Table to Excel Worksheet -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Exporting to Multiple Excel Worksheets (dallr)
Ms Access Table Extract To Excel By VBA (ravimkumr)
Opening Excel Spreadsheet from MSACCESS (cs51)
Output query to unsaved Excel spreadsheet using Excel template (kyledwood)
project dealing with importing excel files with 3 lines of heade (leth200)
simple demo on how to use DAO to export a recordset to excel (leth200)
Transfer data from Access to Excel (kapeller)
Using Excel to Convert Formatted Report Data into Access Databas (JohnDurbin)

File & Disk Operations   {Category List}
Append String to Text File (Candace Tripp)
Browse [Find a directory or file] (ghudson)
Browse Folder or File (doran_doran)
Browse for and display Images in continuous form -- Access 2007 (strive4peace)
Copy Directory (Candace Tripp)
Create 8-digit file name consising of Date/Time stamp to the sec (ZapDude)
Create a Batch File from VBA (.BAT) (Scomac)
Create a Desktop Shortcut -- A2K (Candace Tripp)
Data To Text File (Candace Tripp)
Database to collect XLS filename and import (strive4peace)
Dir Exists (Candace Tripp)
Disk Space Available (-Scott-)
Drag And Drop Files (feedme) (jleach)
Exporting to a text file with a format not supported by Transfer (Clippit)
File Exists (Candace Tripp)
File search routine (khaos)
File Search. (ChrisO)
File Sync Utility (bulsatar)
Files to Array (Candace Tripp)
Function to return the CORRECT filepath or pathname. (Borup)
Generate a unique file name using a sequence number (Clippit)
Get File -- Opens the named file and returns its contents as a v (Candace Tripp)
Get File Name From Path (Candace Tripp)
Get File Path (Candace Tripp)
Getopenfile Getsavefile Browsefolder Classes (jleach)
How to tell if there is a Formatted Floppy in the drive. (GlenKruger)
Import or Export XML (DonnEdwards)
Importing a text file with one text row per field (Clippit)
Insert / Export to Word Document (dallr)
Making copies of a file in chronological order... (JohnDurbin)
Obtaining a Filename and Returning it ot a Textbox (mvos)
Open External File (joemach814)
Open, Print Documents (Excel, Word, PDF, etc) from Access (Kamulegeya)
Purge Files -- Replaces a files contents with space characters f (Candace Tripp)
Recent file list. (ChrisO)
Simple Backup Utility (bulsatar)
Special Folders (CyberCow)
Store Directory Data to a Table (next ver) (CyberCow)
Storing Files such as photos (christoph26)
Use the FileSystemObject to list a folder's files and subfolders (argeedblu)
Validating USB drive serial numbers. (ChrisO)
Windows API to add a Network Drive (Mitchell)

Forms   {Category List}
A Better Switchboard for MS Access (pdebaets)
A simple callback procedure for form open arguments. (ChrisO)
A VBA class to handle unbound forms (CrystalRevenge)
A very elegant unbound form (Jimbob)
ACC2000 - Custom Shaped Forms (Dom DXecutioner)
Access 97 Form Examples (QDS)
An Enhanced MsgBox Replacement (cycnus)
Cancel Open if FORM has no data (DBPro)
Center Form Using Windows Apis (bulsatar)
Centering a form in the Access window (schroep)
Change Form Icon .... (R. Hicks)
Change subform by combo box (fallenrayne)
Continuous Form With Multiple Colors (Peter Hibbs)
Create a Form on the fly with Form source code. (ChrisO)
Create Criteria For Forms On The Fly (magicscreen)
Custom Input Box (Webby)
Default and Custom MsgBox and Input Box samples! (freakazeud)
Dynamic ("on the fly") and "Light" forms (argeedblu)
Dynamic ("on the fly") and "Light" forms (argeedblu)
Dynamic Data Entering Form (adamsherring)
Dynamic Subform v2 (adamsherring)
Fading Popup Forms in Access. (ChrisO)
Fancy Sort in Continuous Forms (CyberCow)
Filter a Report Dynamically with a PopUp Form (lawmart)
Filter main form using subform filter (stevehaysom)
Generic "List Box" Switchboard (sjcharles)
Get Active Form (Candace Tripp)
Handling changing default values (doctor9)
Hide a subform if no records present (R. Hicks)
Inputbox Alternative (mvos)
Is SubForm (Candace Tripp)
Jazzing up Forms with Lines (Garridon)
Learn how to use Forms! And a little VBA programming too (strive4peace)
Maintaining last position on continuous forms. (ChrisO)
Make sure all data in form is filled. (jeffyritz)
Make the background of a subform transparent (khaos)
Message Box (DFish)
Move and Resize Form (Candace Tripp)
Moving a none borderstyle form with the mouse (Ernesto)
Multiple Form Instances (ALMU3YN)
Non Invasive Close Form if No Data (Timbuck2)
Open form in design view (DJW)
Open multiple instances of the same Form (Timbuck2)
OpenFormEx (Extended OpenForm) (jleach)
Opening a detail form to related information -- 2k (Candace Tripp)
Panning a form and saving position. (ChrisO)
PleaseWait form and code (strive4peace)
Point Of Sale Screen Display (Peter Hibbs)
PopUp Form For Report (wachenga)
PopUp Form For Report Demo (lawmart)
Prompt for info from user. (zocker)
Pulling details from a Sub-Form Control in a rather peculiar way (ChrisO)
Resize Form (skiss)
Running Total In A Datasheet (projecttoday)
Save Record on a Form -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
See if all form fields are filled out (bbattles)
Setting the recordset property for unbound forms and subforms us (MicroE)
Split panes in a form (stevehaysom)
Spreadsheet-like Entry Data Form Demo (BananaRepublic)
Subform Swapping Demo (WONGMEISTER)
Switchboard Sample (Myke)
Transfer/Send Data Between Forms (Candace Tripp)
Undo All Actions - Form Level Transactions Made Easy (-Scott-)
Universal Report Filter - Code Fixes (vvincent)
Using A Continuous Type Subform In Place Of A List Box Control (Peter Hibbs)
Using Forms to Simulate Objects. (FredWard)
Wipe Effects on Form Close (Candace Tripp)

Games   {Category List}
Access Game - Yahtzee (bulsatar)
AccessYahtzee (sjcharles)
Bank (Game) (ihitman)
Connect 4 Game (dallr)
Hangman (Game) (ihitman)
Hangman Access97 Version (ihitman)
Hangman with Graphics and DAO database lookup (mishej)
Hangman...with Graphics (nickusaf)
Homemade Easter Egg - Mastermind Game (UWP)
Its PINEWOOD DERBY time! (strive4peace)
Triple Yahtzee (LenaWood)

Maps, Geo & Postal   {Category List}
A Google Map Utility (Tomolena)
Call MapQuest from access (RJS)
'Clickable' Map demo (Alan_G)
Function to validate UK postcodes (cheekybuddha)
Gas Mileage Calculator and tracker (Tygler1)
Geocode - Google Maps (genoma111)
Google Maps Class Module (fecdad)
Google Maps� map and street view utility. (ChrisO)
Post Code / Latitude - Longitude Distance Calculator (NoahP)
Table of US State & Territory and Canadian Province codes (John Vinson)
UK Postcode Format Validator (mvos)
UN Country Codes, US States, Canadian Provinces, US Counties (John Vinson)
Validate UK Postal Geographies (NeilMack)
Validate Zip Code (Candace Tripp)

Medical   {Category List}
A database for monitoring and graphing blood pressure. (ChrisO)
Medical or Health Clinic Appointments (zocker)

Menus, Toolbars & Ribbons   {Category List}
Add Ribbons To A2007 Reports Converted From Mdbs (pere_de_chipstick)
Disable / Enable Toolbars and Database Window (KevinCook)
Emulate Windows menus (strBean)
Hiding and Re-Displaying Tool and Menu Bars (CyberCow)
Hiding the Title Bar (CyberCow)
Set up Toolbar and Statusbar (Candace Tripp)
What's On My Menus (Auntie Jack)
Windows menu on a Form (Candace Tripp)

Microsoft Excel   {Category List}
Excel - Color Fill Changes on Worksheet (Scomac)
Excel -- Create Workbook (Candace Tripp)
Excel -- Print Workbook (Candace Tripp)
Excel Folder Import (gary84)
List Files (Excel Addin) (mindboggld)
Saving individual worksheets as individual files (JohnDurbin)

MySQL   {Category List}
getting leads from MySQL database online (rlsdata)
MySQL query parser/organizer (niesz)

Navigation   {Category List}
Access 2007 NavigationPane : VBA (Gugro)
Custom Navigation Buttons Using Function Event Handlers (argeedblu)
Customizable, Global Navigation Bars (-Scott-)
Explorer Bar - Non ActiveX (tinygiant)
Navigation Buttons Example .. Access 97 (R. Hicks)
Navigation Buttons For Access 2000/2002/2003 .... (R. Hicks)
TurboScroll unbound recordset navigation using command buttons (DanT)

Networks   {Category List}
Host Lookup and Ping (WKENDRVR)
IP Address Splitter (ihitman)
Self Running Network Communication Test & Log (Kenny Holmes)
URL Checker! (freakazeud)

Numbers & Calculations   {Category List}
Add Number Suffix (i.e. 1 becomes "1st", 2 becomes "2nd", etc.) (Candace Tripp)
Age Calc -- Returns the age in years and weeks for the supplied (Candace Tripp)
An enhanced age calculator (years.months.days) (raskew)
Bankers Rounding .... (R. Hicks)
Bitwise Manipulation and Binary/Hex Conversions (datAdrenaline)
Calculating Complex math exp​ression using Excel while in Access (cs51)
Calculator (R. Hicks)
Convert Celcius To Farenheit (Candace Tripp)
Convert Decimal to Fractional (0.5 = 1/2) (CyberCow)
Convert Number to Roman Numeral -- i.e. 4 -> IV (Candace Tripp)
Convert number to string date output (raskew)
Counting In Access (randmo)
Decimal to Fraction - A Little Different Approach (raskew)
Fraction to number (PaulBrand)
Generate a GUID in Access (erlybird)
Get a Random Selection (Number or Percent) from a Larger Group (NoahP)
Integer suffixes 1st 2nd 3rd ... Handles 0 and Negative Numbers (Timbuck2)
Is Number Prime (Candace Tripp)
Neat Mathematical code and more For Access 97 (GlenKruger)
R. Hicks' Calculator -- Keyboard/Numpad Enabled (strBean)
Ranges and Scales Function (NoahP)
Right Triangle Calculator (jleach)
Roman Numerals (raskew)
RoundUp / RoundDown (schroep)
Roundup() function (argeedblu)
UA Calculator 3 (CyberCow)
Updated Universal Rounding Solution (roxz72)
Using the IsNumeric() Function in VB6 (Regg)

Oracle   {Category List}
Access 97 - Create a table from an Oracle DB Backend (Scomac)

PDF   {Category List}
Automating PDFWriter for win 95,98, or ME (khaos)
Creating pdf files for free (mvos)
Creating pdf Files Using Ghostscript (Update) (mvos)
Fillable PDF Forms (theDBguy)
Ghostscript pdf Combining Reports (mvos)
Output Reports from Access to Adobe Acrobat Writer pdf file w/o (DBPro)
Outputting Reports to PDF Using Ghostscript (mvos)
PDF Rotate Page (ScorpDevil)
PDF Viewer (DJW)
VB code to combine PDF's (khaos)

PowerPoint   {Category List}
or CouPowerPoint slides from Access data (Clippit)
Access to Powerpoint (nickusaf)
PowerPoint curricula (strive4peace)

Queries & SQL   {Category List}
Access 2000 Query Examples (QDS)
Access 97 Query Examples (QDS)
Access 97 Using a form to control parameter queries (argeedblu)
Case Sensitive Joins in Queries (pere_de_chipstick)
Coalesce function for Access (larrysteele)
Code To Document SQL In Access Queries To Word (strive4peace)
Create Query in Code -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Creating a Query that uses a Multi-select Listbox as Criteria (Jerry Dennison)
Creating a Query that uses a Multi-select Listbox as Criteria (a (schroep)
Creating Dynamic Queries using Class Modules (dallr)
Dynamic Query Examples (dashiellx2000)
Find a bad Query (ghubbell)
Introduction to Access 97 SQL (GlenKruger)
Pass query name and SQL to text file (Lynn)
Query to show record count of all tables (DBPro)
Search Form - Create SQL From Code (NevilleT)
Speed up your subqueries, revised (adamsherring)
Split Function in Queries A2K (cdclayton)
SQL to VBA Formatter (dallr)
SQL: Using user-defined non-standard sort sequences (jinky44)
Use SQL to find gaps in number sequence series (jinky44)
Using a form to control parameter queries (argeedblu)
Using a generic query parameter selection form (argeedblu)
Using ADOX to Create and Destroy Queries on the Fly (Grandad)
Using Queries/SQL statements stored in a table (Candace Tripp)

Records & Data   {Category List}
Prevent Selecting Duplicates In A Join Table Using Combo Boxes (pere_de_chipstick)
Add A New Record To A Datasheet (NevilleT)
Block select records in datasheet (merlenicholson)
Carry Over Data To New Record ..... (R. Hicks)
Code To Concatenate Multiple Records Into A Single Field (Jerry Dennison)
Combine Multiple Records Into A Single Delimited Field (truittb)
Combine Multiple Records Into A Single Delimited Field #2 (datAdrenaline)
Data Entry Tools (TKilboy)
data entry with extras (codemonkey)
dLookup Replacement (adamsherring)
Easy Filter Maker (tomhendrickx)
Making a record "sticky" (argeedblu)
Multi Value Fields For A2003 (pere_de_chipstick)
Prevent duplicate record in subform (komorek)
Preventing Duplicate Entries (Alan_G)
Rearrange Record Sort Order (theDBguy)
Recursive chaining of a table field to get "A, B, C, ..." (jinky44)

References   {Category List}
Acquiring Reference Librarary Constants (CyberCow)
Auto Reference Loader (tomhendrickx)
Display List of References - Both Good and Broken (CyberCow)
Simple splash scren and reference checker (bbattles)

Registry   {Category List}
Use Windows Registry for your Access Applications (TKilboy)

Replication   {Category List}
Don't be afraid of REPLICATION (JohnDurbin)
FAQ for Replication (QDS)
Replica Help (tomhendrickx)
Replication Synchronisation via Form (r_cubed)

Reports & Printing   {Category List}
Access 2000 Report Examples (QDS)
Access 97 Report Examples (QDS)
Batch Printing And Save As Pdf (HiTechCoach)
Batch Printing Invoices (HiTechCoach)
Cancel Open if Report has no Data (Candace Tripp)
Control Specific Coloring for Reports (chazlett)
Create Report Criteria On The Fly (magicscreen)
Determine if a report has been printed (pere_de_chipstick)
Displays a Form�s Report Selection Criteria to be Printed on a R (kapeller)
Dynamic Crosstab Report (Acaba)
Dynamic report form a crosstab query (HiTechCoach)
Envelope Printer + Custom Printing Control Code (JonSmith)
example of monthly report (xteam)
Get Active Report (Candace Tripp)
Green stripe tabular reports (JDWalter)
Make Print Dialog Box appear when printing a Report (R. Hicks)
Making Text Bold in the middle of a report (thefoz)
Microsoft Printer Demo (khaos)
Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Report From 1 Report (projecttoday)
Pre Setting Your Reports To Specific Printers (pere_de_chipstick)
Print Multi Records or Labels (jacmac)
Print Multi Records or Labels version 97 and 2k (jacmac)
Printing Labels: Skipping Used and Printing Multiple Copies (pere_de_chipstick)
Report Based on Multiple unbound fields (natashaepperson)
Report Wizard (sjcharles)
Reports Selection Form (Peter Hibbs)
SelectAnd ResetPrinter Access 97 Demo (GlenKruger)
Set Custom Zoom for Report Previews .... (R. Hicks)
VBA Classes to create Excel-like gridlines on reports (csawyer)
Wait for Report to Close (Candace Tripp)

RSS   {Category List}
ACC2000: RSS Reader [Part I] (Dom DXecutioner)

Scheduling   {Category List}
Appointment Scheduler by day for time slots (strive4peace)
Booked And Available Rented Properties, Clashes For Hire Items (zocker)
Event Scheduler (Peter Hibbs)
Forecasting & Actuals database to manage historical and future planning (BananaRepublic)
Holiday Planner Demo (Peter Hibbs)
Schedule Grid (CyberCow)

Screen, Mouse & Keys   {Category List}
Alternative to SendKeys (CyberCow)
Change cursor (mouse pointer) to the "Hand" icon (r_cubed)
Change Mouse Pointer (Candace Tripp)
Determining A Forms Minimized Or Maximized State (matt259)
Disable Mouse Wheel Scroll - without DLL, without subclassing in VBA (WaynePhillips)
Disable PgUp and PgDown in a form (R. Hicks)
Efficient use of soft coded MouseMove events. (ChrisO)
Fetch Pixel Color From Screen Image (Peter Hibbs)
Get Mouse X-Y Position .... (R. Hicks)
Gui Functions Class (jleach)
Keyboard on Screen (CyberCow)
KeyCode Identifier (dfs)
KeyCode Manipulation (keyboard control) (mikelink4)
MouseOver Labels by Extending Controls by SubClassing (mishej)
MouseOver Status Labels (mishej)
Reset AUTOKEYS (tomhendrickx)
Screen Sizes For Developers (CyberCow)
Twipsperpixel (merlenicholson)

Searching   {Category List}
~~My Search Form~~ (LenaWood)
A Wee Improved Search Engine (strBean)
A Wee Search Engine (strBean)
Complete Multi-Criteria Search - Linked tables, Text, Lookups, D (kforeman)
Counting Characters in a Specific Field in an Entire Table (NoahP)
Custom Combo Search Box (argeedblu)
Database Search (gary84)
Displaying results from a Google search (funehmon)
Find Any Null Fields In A Table (ALaRiva)
Find Duplicates (Candace Tripp)
Find duplicates in Memo field (pere_de_chipstick)
Finding Missing Numerical Data (DBPro)
Fuzzy Matching (faragher)
Fuzzy Matching Algorithims (OpnSeason)
Multiple keyword search in multiple fields (free text) (prebez)
New Search97 (fkegley)
Sample Search Form (kapeller)
Save Your Search (steve_c)
Search All Fields -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Search all tables/all fields in a database for a value (Candace Tripp)
Search and Replace String in your Application (bushmatt419)
Search by Type Down Demo (Candace Tripp)
Search form (fkegley)
Search Multiple Word Documents For a Text Value Through Access (BrianS)
Search/sort/select (jmcwk)
Simple search form demo for Access 97 (GlenKruger)
Simple Search Form With (and now with added ShortCut Menu) (mvos)
Simple Search Form With Sort (mvos)
Universal Search (Candace Tripp)
Universal Search on many text with details (Candace Tripp)
Universal Search with Detail Form (Candace Tripp)

Security   {Category List}
A Simple Security Measure (rutima)
Access Validation Key Technique (ihitman)
Advanced Custom Password (dallr)
Data Anonymous (Alternate method for data scrambling) (r_cubed)
Data Anonymous (Scramble That Data) II (CyberCow)
Database Security, Reset AutoByPassKey, Custom Menubar, Disable (Sketti)
Encrypt/Decrypt String (Candace Tripp)
Encryption (zim_wayne)
Encryption / Decryption Example (BentBrain)
Encryption / Decryption Table version 2 (BentBrain)
Function to give access permissions for anything you like (Dionysus)
Lock / Unlock an Access 97 db (Setting the AllowByPassKey) (CyberCow)
New Trusted Location Programming (nuclear_nick)
Password Generator (Candace Tripp)
Password Generator 7 (CyberCow)
Password Strength Check (NigelShaw150)
Row Level Security in a List Box (sjcharles)
Security Demo (nickusaf)
Security Demo Database for Access 2000 (GlenKruger)
Security Demo Database for Access 97 (GlenKruger)
Security FAQ for Developing Access Security (QDS)
Security Manager Add-In for Access 2000 (QDS)
Using User Level Security to Disable Form & Report Controls (dallr)

Shift Key   {Category List}
Bypass shift key (ihitman)
ByPass Shift Key Utility (R. Hicks)
ByPass Shift Key Utility for Access 2000 Thru Access 2010 (R. Hicks)
Improved .. ByPass Shift Key Utility for Access 97 (R. Hicks)
Re-Enabling a Bypassed Shift-Key (CyberCow)

SMS   {Category List}
SMS Tool over the Internet (tomhendrickx)
SMS with VBA (Pleasure)

SQL Server   {Category List}
Code To Manage SQL Scripts In Multiple SQL Servers (magicscreen)
Connect to an ODBC data source with Prompt (Candace Tripp)
Create Dsnless Links To Each User Table On SQL Server (SparkByte)
Run Pass Through Query (Candace Tripp)
Run Stored Procedure -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)

String & Text   {Category List}
^J and ^K (CyberCow)
Another Case Conversion Function (GroverParkGeorge)
Ascii And Unicode Use And Conversion(s) (CyberCow)
BMS Smart Indenter (ghubbell)
Change Case Utility (mvos)
Compare text and highlight changes (TheSmileyCoder)
Count letters, words, sentences and paragraphs (balaji)
Count Ocurrances Of A String In A String (-Scott-)
CSV Parser (MRoller)
Ctrl J & Ctrl U (CyberCow)
Dummy Text (argeedblu)
Export Paradox Memo Fields to delimited text (JohnnyB)
Generate a patterned string with random alpha and numeric charac (argeedblu)
Generate a Random AlphaNumeric String (argeedblu)
Get the last name from a whole name. (jeffyritz)
GTRIM - Trim leading/Trailing ANYTHING (r_cubed)
Insert TAB in Memo field (niesz)
Insert Text into Memo Field Example (pdebaets)
Parse Strings Like Openargs (argeedblu)
Remove excess spaces (ihitman)
Remove Extra Spaces (jcorlando)
Remove Extra Spaces From Within Strings - SQL Query Friendly Implementaion (matt259)
Replace Char/ Replace String (Candace Tripp)
Reverse InStr Function (CyberCow)
Scrolling Text Examples (R. Hicks)
Select word in a textbox through code. (jeffyritz)
Split function (CrystalRevenge)
Split Name Parts from Text String (ZapDude)
String to Array (Candace Tripp)
Strip Chars (Candace Tripp)
Strip Illegal Characters (updated) (Alan_G)
Subscript/Superscript font (CyberCow)
Superscript and Subscript Lettering in Access (CyberCow)
Text Reader (PC_User)
Uppercase converter (incl. Auto-Correct) (r_cubed)
UpperCase in all form field. (Borup)
Word/Character Count sample! (freakazeud)

Tables and Fields   {Category List}
Add Field to Table -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Add Field to Table -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Adding a hyperlink field to an existing table with DAO (robcooper)
Attaching Tables (kapeller)
Automate changing the SubDataSheet property (khaos)
Automatic resorting of items in a table (gricks)
Create Tables From Excel Workbook (bulsatar)
DB start up and BE relinking (pere_de_chipstick)
Finding path to db from linked table (ihitman)
Finding unmatched values from two tables (TonyZaradich)
Keep all DropDown(Combo Box) Values on One Table! (ALaRiva)
Normalizing from denormalized data (balaji)
Null and Zero Length Fields - alternative to Nz (WgM)
Scripting Access Tables (dallr)
Set All Tables SubDataSheet Name Property To [None] (NoahP)
Writing Text to the Description Property of a Field in a Table. (ChrisO)

Timers   {Category List}
Delay Events/Actions for Set Time Interval -- 2 Methods (Candace Tripp)
Simple Timer (Candace Tripp)
Timed Message Boxes (CyberCow)
Timer Count Down Display (R. Hicks)

Users   {Category List}
Add User -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Check User Mode and/or Check Number/Name of Current Users (Candace Tripp)
Current User (Network Name) (danch)
db Login (CyberCow)
Get Current User (Candace Tripp)
Get the user logon details (rob2310)
Login Class (ihitman)
Login/password and access level system (angusn)
Put user LOGIN and COMP NAME in your report/form (JoeDelgado)
Simple User Login (Alan_G)
Who is logged into mdb? (MicroE)
Who's Logged On / Who's Connected (v1.2) (datAdrenaline)
Who's Logged On / Who's Connected (v1.6.1) (datAdrenaline)
Who's logged on to networked db (CyberCow)

VBA   {Category List}
a plethora of functions (vajra918)
Access 97 Form And Control Events (GlenKruger)
Access 97 VBA Examples (QDS)
Array Initialization Trick (stfuji)
Build and Use a delimited string to pass multiple arguments usin (argeedblu)
Class Property Generator (jleach)
Create a database through Code (ADO / ADOX) (Skatebase)
Domain Function Usage Samples (CyberCow)
Execute SQL Select in the Immediate Pane (Dial222)
Finding variables declared but not used (thomrosebrand)
Form Validate Class (pdebaets)
Function alternative to Event Procedures (argeedblu)
Functions return only one value. (ChrisO)
How to Debug VBA (CyberCow)
Learn VBA -- uses Excel 97 workbook as example (strive4peace)
More portable DAO Recordset code between Access Versions (ChrisO)
Overloading Function calls in VBA. (ChrisO)
Pass and return system event arguments to/from public procedures (ChrisO)
Passing and inheritance while using the user defined data type. (ChrisO)
Passing and returning of multiple variables and data types. (ChrisO)
Refresh DAO Containers (Candace Tripp)
SMOG (Standard Module Object Generation) (alancossey)
Soft-coded event handlers. (ChrisO)
The Eval() Function and its possible usage. (ChrisO)
Using code to Auto-Reference DAO 3.6 (gotfalls)
Various useful Database Functions DAO 3.6 (stfuji)

VBEIDE   {Category List}
Add lines of code to module in design view using VBEIDE (JuanSoto)
Code Indenter (nmurray)

Word Automation   {Category List}
Allow End Users To Create And Customize Reports In Word (JonSmith)
Merge Form Fields to Choice of Word Templates (CutAndPaste01)
Merge To MS Word solution (awillms)
Open a Word Document (Candace Tripp)
Sending Data to a Word Document (dkemp)
To open Word Document while in MS Access (cs51)
Word -- Open, Print and Close Word Document (Candace Tripp)

Zip Files   {Category List}
Automating the Windows XP zip utility (khaos)
Sample Database For Zipping And Sending A File (accesshawaii)

Uncategorized   {Category List}
A better mouse trap? (ghudson)
Access Chat - Need Help (-Scott-)
Additional Serialize Functionality (niesz)
AI -- Teach Baby Mathew how to Talk (Candace Tripp)
Allow users to build, save, and export Filters with this utility (MicroE)
Amazon REST API Sample (RyanMcMinn)
BalloonToolTipDemo (msphillipson)
Because I don't often help online (cielo)
Boiler Plate Demo Database -- Access 2000 (Candace Tripp)
BrightSideOfLife (Candace Tripp)
Call Google From Access (freakazeud)
change registry / showprogressdialog / loading images (shailey)
Changing the Sort (Ascending/Decending) (QDS)
Charts as Trend Displays in Access. (ChrisO)
Close All Objects (Candace Tripp)
Close Current Database (Candace Tripp)
Code to force users to exit db (genome72)
Compact A List for MS Access (pdebaets)
Contacts -- Names, Addresses, Phones, eMail, Websites, Notes (strive4peace)
CSD Tools Database Documentation 2.0 available for download (AccessJunkie)
demodata.mdb (argeedblu)
Embedding Objects in Access. (ChrisO)
Factorial (Candace Tripp)
Get Current DB Name -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Get Current Object (Candace Tripp)
Get Font Count/ Get Fonts to Array/ Get Raster Sizes to Array (Candace Tripp)
Get System Information (CPU,Memory,IP,MAC,User,Processor...) (freakazeud)
Getting data from Microsoft Project (MartinHayes)
Have Database Expire 30 Days After First Time - New Version (matomo)
Help File With All Access Controls (DFish)
Hide Access Shell Window (GlenKruger)
Hide Database Window -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Hide the [X] Close Button in Access 2007 (dbtech1)
Hiding the Access application from the Windows taskbar (schroep)
Humourous/Celebrity Quote (Alan_G)
Inactive Shut Down Control (pdebaets)
Inactive Shut Down Control for Access 97, 2000, and 2002 (GlenKruger)
Inventory Control (Rainlover)
Is Object Open? (CyberCow)
Label Saver for MS Access (pdebaets)
Linear Regression (Least Squares Fit) (kfield7)
Mind Reader (Chaga)
MSysObjects Flags (raskew)
Net Work Days (Similar) (footbinc)
Note to Self... (JohnDurbin)
Notes Editor (argeedblu)
Okay, okay, okay -- BoilerPlate for Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
One Awesome Utility -- build a database of all the images on you (strive4peace)
Open any program from Access (ihitman)
Open application from table information (ihitman)
Open one or Multiple Tabs in IE7 from Access (jhardy66)
Poll Manager (ihitman)
Proximity Functions for MS Access (pdebaets)
Pull Internet Explorer History into Table/Listbox! (freakazeud)
Put Icon in System Tray (sjcharles)
Quickly Collect Items using a filter (Timbuck2)
Quiz Maker / Taker (doctor9)
Real Cool Tool (JaredJRitchey)
retrieve values from an Access97 table using ASP (Scomac)
Room Booking &/or Diary System (JonSmith)
RVBA Naming Conventions Access 2000 (argeedblu)
Sample Survey / Questionnaire Database (NoahP)
SAPI 5.1: Voice (PC_User)
Scanning in Access Using Built in Components (mvos)
Scanning in Access Using Built in Components (Windows98/Access97 (mvos)
School Attendance Record (dblife)
Shell (QDS)
Simple Appointment Diary (johnpdmccall)
Sorts -- Bubble/ Quick/ Shell (Candace Tripp)
Soundex Key (Candace Tripp)
Stop a user from Manually Deleting a Table (dallr)
Storing Access Information in a Database. (ChrisO)
Survey Example Database (ihitman)
Table Exists (Access 97) (Candace Tripp)
Table or Query Exists -- Access 97 (Candace Tripp)
Table/Query Exists (Candace Tripp)
Text To Speech / Random Quotes (Candace Tripp)
Text to speech function (Waltersc)
The name or distribution list has been deleted and is no longer (MicroE)
To-Do List (jwmas)
Trap the "Write conflict" error in multiple user DB's (prebez)
Updated Hide Access Shell (GlenKruger)
Use Dynamic Web Data in Access Application! (freakazeud)
Using FedLog from MS Access (MishBaker)
View Asp Source Code Through Browser (Timbuck2)

Author List   {Category List}
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angusnargeedbluAuntie Jackawillms
cafofomanCandace Trippcdclaytoncew657
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doctor9Dom DXecutionerDonnEdwardsdoran_doran
JDCompJDWalterjeffyritzJerry Dennison
joemach814John VinsonJohnDurbinJohnnyB
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