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> Microsoft Access Security Warning On Windows 7 But Not On Xp    
post Dec 31 2010, 02:00 PM

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I have an applications developed using both Access 2007 and 2010 that have been packaged with Access 2007 Runtime. The applications work on both Windows xP and Windows 7. However Windows 7 users get a security warning dialog box at start-up but no message appears on xP.
suspect this is something to do with digital signatures. Is there any way a user can indicate that the program is safe at first run and stop the message appearing ? Or is there any other approach ? I don't do a lot of Access packaged work and so am relectant to proceed with an outside signing body whose services I believe are expensive.
Any help here appreciated.
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post Dec 31 2010, 06:08 PM

UA Admin
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From: Newcastle, WA

What, exactly, is that security warning?
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post Dec 31 2010, 07:40 PM

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The pop-up box....
Microsoft Access Security Notice
A potential security concern has been identified.
Warning: It is not possible to determine that this content came from a trustworthy source....
File Path: c:\...\local\.....etc
ption buttons Open and Cancel.
Hopefully this gives you more information. I can attach (is this allowed ?) a screen shot if you need.
Thanks ( .. and all the best for 2011 !)
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post Jan 1 2011, 05:59 AM

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I believe the problem may have nothing to do with Win 7 - more to do with the fact that the xp pc has Access 2007 installed whereas the Win 7 pc has Access 2010 - even though the application is packaged with Access Run Time 2007 - i.e. Access not required on the pc where the package was installed.
Is this possible ?
Obelieve some time ago I built a project with Access 2010 run time and this gave a security warning each time it ran - although I can't remember if the pc had Access 2007 (full) or Access 2010 (full). I've returned to packaging with 2007 run time as a result of this experiment.
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post Jan 1 2011, 11:55 AM

Utterly Crispy UA Forum Administrator
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From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

Just a thought here did your package include the Access 2007 Runtime files?
They must be installed on the computer that doesn't have Access or does not have Access 2007 installed I believe.
Read This For More Information.
HTH and Happy New Year.
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post Jan 3 2011, 11:08 AM

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I don't use the package wizard but can tell you that sage installer would get around that problem.
However it's not that cheap.
It sounds like the normal trusted location issue.
you could grab a copy of the little EXE these guys have and see if clicking it in the directory your db sits in solves the issue
I'm not sure how the package wizard installs things on the computer to make sure the trusted location is set?
Oended up going to sage just to deal with issues with different version of Office installed and I can't have my install mess with the current installation.
Hope this helps,
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post May 29 2011, 04:45 PM

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Sorry about the delay in coming back. I'd forgotten I'd posted on this subject and only discovered your response when I searched this issue. You are right the problem is solved by writing to the registry .
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Access\Security\Trusted Locations\Location0]
AllowSubFolders (REG_DWORD) = 1
Path (REG_SZ) "C:\AccessJunkiesRule" ( see http://accessjunkie.com/faq_33.aspx) creates an entry making c:\AccessJunkiesRule trusted. Just the same as you would do if you had full Access installed.
There is an option in the Access package and deploy set up to install registry keys - but I've not experimented here. The problem is that each key uses an new Location number Location0, 1 etc - and with an unknown machine you'd need to read the keys in place before adding a new one. And the risk is if it goes wrong you may wreck the pc!
Thanks for that .exe - that looks ideal - provided its safe ! I'll do some playing. If not then as you suggest, the commercial product may be the way to go.
Once again sorry for the delay in acknowledging responses to this query.
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