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> Proof Of Life In Access
Posted by GroverParkGeorge - Sep-7-16 - 0 replies
The A-Team (i.e. the Access development team) at Microsoft have done something which seems to be unprecedented.

For the first time we are aware of, they've started putting their plans for MS Access on the Office 365 Roadmap. You can read more about it on Anders Ebro's (also known as the SmileyCoder) Blog: Smiley Coder's Review of the Office 365 Roadmap for ACCESS.

You can find the Access part of Roadmap itself: Roadmap for Future Access Enhancements

Note that the two items mentioned here have been the subject of considerable discussion among the Microsoft Access MVP Group for a long time, and the topic of active debate on the Microsoft Answers forum and in Access User Voice. The fact that The A-Team is moving ahead on these first two initiatives sends a powerful message to the many fans of our lovable little database tool.

The inclusion of the BigInt data type increases the compatibility between Access and modern versions of SQL Server. That's a good thing from any perspective.

Restoring the ability to link Access to .dbf format files addresses a HUGE pain point for a couple of industries. Most of us probably shrugged our shoulders when it was deprecated in Access 2013, but to those people who NEED this ability, it was a deal-breaker in upgrading to the newer version of Access.

We couldn't be more delighted to see a public announcement regarding Access as it is proof of the A-Team's commitment to keeping Access strong.
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> Raise A Glass To Doug Steele
Posted by argeedblu - Aug-30-16 - 26 replies
Doug Steele, UA VIP, Microsoft Access MVP, and published Access author, a UA member since January '07, has just passed the 20,000 post milestone. Since joining UA, Doug has provided valuable help to countless members.

Thanks Doug for being an important member of our community. cheers.gif
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> Bug(s) In Access 2016
Posted by GroverParkGeorge - Jun-15-16 - 12 replies
At this point, it looks like the bug has been fixed. I checked my Access 2016 (32 bit and 64 bit) installations on Win10. I see the full set of values for number datatypes.
July 1, 2016 @ 7:53PM PDT

Job well done, Access Team.

There is a bug in Access 2016. The MS Access team is aware of it, and is working on a fix for it. No ETA yet on when it will be available.

It involves the Datatype dropdown for Numbers.

Only the default datatype is available.

If you need to change or add number fields, the work around is to go to Options for Object Designers and change the Default Datatype for numbers to the one you need. It then becomes available in the dropdown in place of Long Integer.

There have been some reports that Wizards may also be broken. That, however, hasn't been widely confirmed.

ScottGem, Access MVP and UA VIP, is in contact with the Access development team and will let us know as soon as he gets any update.

Update regarding this bug

UA Admin Team
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