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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ Traversing And Updating Pages Using The Webbrowser Control

Posted by: adamsgj Aug 21 2015, 11:22 PM

There is an apparent lack on the net of working examples of VBA code that interact with web sites, traversing pages and updating fields. While I'm appreciative of the code snippets I found on UA and elsewhere along with some specific help at times from the UA community, this meant that there was a lot of trial and error in fully developing my solution even though I've been writing VBA and VB for a long time. Intellisense also isn't that helpful in exposing all the methods and properties and nor is MS Technet particularly useful for VBA (the are significant differences in implementing a VBA vs VB solution).

I offer the attached which was written for a particular web site but is easily adaptable to suit variations providing page flow is predictable. Of course there may be better and more efficient ways of coding than what I offer but it works for us and volumes are, and will remain, low. Hopefully it will give any members wanting to develop something similar a head start.

The form uses the native webbrowser control. The code should be sufficiently commented for developers to follow but I'm willing to answer specific questions if required. ( 1.27MB ): 157

Posted by: Pleasure Sep 13 2015, 10:05 AM

Is it possible to have a 2003 version ?
Thank you

Posted by: adamsgj Sep 13 2015, 06:21 PM

Microsoft stopped supporting Office 2003 last year and I can't think of a reason why users should not have migrated to later, supported, releases except for the cost. The Native Webbrowser control was introduced in Access 2010, I think, so clearly will not work for releases prior to that. How you would achieve the same functionality in earlier releases is something I'm not inclined to research. The basic flow of the code should be the same I would have thought. Good luck.

Posted by: zoisalexis Sep 21 2015, 02:56 PM

There is a sample of what you need here....


Posted by: Squirrel1970 Oct 2 2015, 07:32 AM

I tried downloading your webbrowser zip file and when I try to open the DB it says it's an unrecognized database format. Can you try posting it again please?

Posted by: HiTechCoach Oct 3 2015, 02:39 PM

Squirrel1970, it require Access 2010 or later. It uses the new native Web Browser control that was added in 2010. It was able to open it Access 201o and 2013 . What version of Access are you running?

Posted by: adamsgj Oct 3 2015, 07:52 PM

Yep A10 or later. Here is the latest version with a couple of minor changes ( 1.27MB ): 136