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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ Another Rolodex-like Contact Or Other List Of People, Things, Anything.

Posted by: zocker Jan 27 2016, 07:42 PM

The purpose of this is to demonstrate how to avoid multiple Command Buttons for search forms which use letters as a search term...Instead of 26 Buttons for the 26 alphabet letters..which have to be sized and grouped and are difficult to maintain (believe me I know). The letters are contained in a Table and are displayed as text boxes on a continuous Form. Other symbols ('foreign' letters or currency symbols) or numbers can easily be added on the included forms- command buttons are not required for any new symbols.

Whilst this database is actually trivial, the method is an advance. It woud be possible to eliminate many command buttons if a Function column were added to the Letters the whole functionality of a form might be obtained without command buttons

I can't explain more, let the demo speak for itself. Its a demo of a principle so its not cosmetically wondrous! Any omissions errors howlers, please PM.

Any sugestions on how to display the Letter display horizontally instead of verticality welcomed...I'd include that and then post it again with a credit to that brave soul!


James Woodard

Zocker ( 58.33K ): 281