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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ A Pop-up Calendar Replacement For Access Dbs

Posted by: Peter Hibbs Jan 29 2016, 05:26 PM

This demo database (A2003) shows how to provide a pop-up calendar form for early versions of Access and a replacement calendar for A2007 and later. The aim of this project was to emulate the pop-up calendar that is already built in for A2007 and later as much as possible but also to provide the calendar for earlier versions which do not have this facility available. This calendar has the advantage that extra facilties can be added by the developer, which is not possible with the built in version, and also the method of choosing a month and/or year is done with two combo boxes which is more convenient when entering dates that are several years in the past. The screen shots below show some typical examples of the calendar displayed with Single and Continuous type forms.

It has been tested with A2003, A2007, A2010 and A2013 on Windows XP and Windows 7 (but not Windows 10) and should work on most versions of Access and Windows. The .pdf file provided explains how to set up the calendar on your own projects. If any bugs found then post back with details.

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Posted by: Peter Hibbs Aug 25 2016, 10:45 AM

This Pop Up Calendar is basically the same as Version 1.00 above except that it also has the option to add a time component to the associated date field as shown in the screen shot below.

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Posted by: Peter Hibbs Sep 19 2018, 01:30 PM


To fix a small bug in both pop-up calendars where an error is generated if the date field holds an invalid date (say something like 'Wednesday 26/09/2018'). Please change the VBA code in the Form_Open event of the form frmCalendar as follows :-

Replace the line :-

Me.txtDate = Nz(gCalCtl, Date)

with :-
If IsDate(gCalCtl) Then Me.txtDate = gCalCtl Else Me.txtDate = Date

Peter Hibbs.