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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ Compare 2 Databases For Differences

Posted by: gemmathehusky Mar 28 2016, 08:10 AM

I had 2 copies of a large database, and I wanted to determine whether any objects had changed between the 2 versions.

I wrote this module to store the created and last modified dates of all the objects. (Tables, Forms, Reports, Modules). Tables and Queries are both included in a single container.

This works in A2003. I have not tested it in later versions of Access.

The dbs contains 1 table to store the results, and 1 module containing the sub. It's very quick. My database has about 4000 objects, and all details were updated in less than a minute.

I was originally intending to connect to the database I wanted to compare (hence the columns in the objectlog table for remote database), but I couldn't sort that at short notice. Instead I just ran the same process in both databases, and compared both tables for differences. ( 13.43K ): 127