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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ Collect Hand-written Signatures

Posted by: theDBguy Sep 15 2016, 11:02 AM

UtterAccess member provided the original concept for this demo. Thanks, Ed!

Many UA users have expressed the need to collect signatures from their clients through their Access application. Some users are already using tablets or smart phones to run their Access application, which provide a perfect input device for collecting hand-written signatures and storing the signature information with the data.

The attached demo uses an ActiveX control to display a form for collecting the signature from the user. The signature information is then stored in the table and later displayed with the record. Please note the raw data is stored in a Memo field, which may look like Chinese characters if you open the table. I decided to use a Memo field to reduce file bloat. It is used with the Image Control when you implement this technique without using an Attachment Field. Otherwise, using an Attachment Field will not require the use of the Memo field.

The demo shows two ways to display the signature on a form: by using an Image Control or a an Attachment Field

I also tried to display the signature using the same ActiveX control but found it to work intermittently. I also tried storing the signature data in an OLE field and then use an OLE Object Control to display it but was not successful because I couldn't figure out the correct image format for the OLE Object control. If anyone figures out how to do the above, please let us know, so we can all learn from it.

I hope you find the attached demo somewhat useful.

Again, I would like to thank Ed for sharing his experience and success using this technique.


Note: This demo was designed using Access 2010 and tested using Access 2010 and 2013. ( 56.84K ): 330