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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Knowledgebase / FAQ _ Merging Multiple Queries into one Query.

Posted by: dallr Aug 12 2008, 08:07 PM

From time to time you find members asking how to merge or join multiple queries into one query. These are normally developers who started out by creating individual queries and then joining them to form a final query to return the result they want.Now as they got better at SQL writing they realized that they could have written those queries into one query instead. But although they know that the queries can be merged into one query they donít know how to do that.
Is such, this Access 2003 video tutorial shows a very simple technique on how to merge multiple queries into one query to reduce the amount of queries in your database. You can download the video from any one of the following two locations.
After you download the video and extract it from the zip file open the file ca
1. This tutorial should not replace the knowledge a developer should acquire in trying to write queries from scratch and incorporating everything into one. But it acts more as a techinque to assist in the interim while the developer skills improve.