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Posted by: BananaRepublic Jun 18 2009, 07:36 PM

This is an attempt to equip the developers who want to use Access as a front-end client to any RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) backend (ie, SQL Server, DB/2, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL) with the right questions to explore and ask during design and development. As we cannot cover every special case or all the nuisances that each developers must deal with, it is hoped that,by reading over this document, you will be better equipped to find the needed answers for your specific case. The article assumes that you are familiar with developing an Access application, understand the fundamentals of data types used in Jet and VBA and know basic SQL and is familiar with Data Access Objects (DAO) library and/or ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) library, but are otherwise new to working with ODBC data sources. The objective is to provide you with a set of questions about design and development and know how to ask them.
The first thing that you should be familiar with is potential issues that can crop up when developing against a RDBMS. This is, in no way, a complete list, but hopefully broad and high-level enough to give you an idea of where to start in investigating or anticipating any problems they that you may encounter in development.
A note about terminology: In Access 2007 and future, the engine that runs Access has been renamed from Jet to ACE, though ACE is fully backward compatible with Jet used in version 2003 and earlier. In the rest of document, it is safe to substitute 'Jet' with 'ACE'.

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