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Posted by: CyberCow Aug 4 2014, 11:00 PM

This particular FAQ was initially a thread elsewhere in the forum. The topic was started by Sandra (smdaigle) and joined in by MikeLyons. The surprise was the answer in the form of an excellent dissertation provided by Albert Kallal - an 11 year Microsoft Access MVP veteran at the time of this post.
to minimize the weight, size and length of the thread, it has been reduced and attached below as both a PDF and Word document file for you to select, download and read off-line at your leisure. (just two different formats so you have a choice).
Without further ado, the attachments below provide a wealth of information about the Navigation Pane introduced in Access (Office) 2007.
 NavPane_Access_2010.doc ( 78K ): 100

 NavPane_Access_2010.pdf ( 370.24K ): 185