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Posted by: ZapDude Feb 27 2006, 10:14 PM

Title: Create a Subform with Alternating Color Rows
Symptom: Unlike Reports, Access does not provide an easy method for providing alternate color rows in forms.
Subject: This tutorial provides a step-by-step approach in designing underlying queries to allow the form to display alternate rows using the Conditional Format function.
Applies to: Access 2000 and up Tested in: Access 2000, Access 2003
Skill level: Intermediate
Author: Michael Reese, ZapDude Software Date: 2/27/06
Credits: Microsoft Office Help (Conditional Formatting function)
Keywords: Forms, subforms, running count, query
Overview: Access reports have the ability to have many formatting functions applied, such as formatting that can be provided through the Detail Method. Access forms are limited in their scope. However, the Conditional Formatting Function, available from Access 2000 on, provides the key to providing the formatting that uses query calculations to alternate the color of data rows.
Discussion: This method does NOT make use of VBA code! Instead, it instructs the user how to create the underlying querysets to provide the calculations that allow the Conditional Formatting Function to display data in alternating color rows.
Code: None (Except for providing sample forms / subforms) ( 234.92K ): 2564