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The premier Microsoft® Access help forum with Visual Basic, SQL Server, Office and more! Members are able to post questions and help others with problem solutions. UtterAccess has been seen in over 160 countries, recording over 1 billion hits to date. Microsoft® Access Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Pages, Macros, Modules...you'll find all the free samples and answers here!

The efforts of everyone from Simon Wolf's "A3" shall carry on here and with thanks to these past efforts and those to come, UtterAccess.com is now the leading source for Access and other products problem solutions available on the Internet.

Registered members have access to All the file attachments that UA is pleased to provide. An added bonus along with many other features such as Access sample databases, professional Access code samples, file uploading, private messaging, alternate forum languages, daily forum subscriptions and even a choice of site themes to suit your taste... all this for those who take a moment to sign up...
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Nearly 165,000 members have signed up at UA to enjoy nearly 2,000,000 posts - proving UtterAccess.com is the only source for all of your Microsoft Access help needs...and more!

> Ricky H Is Microsoft MVP 2014       <-- click to reply
Posted by DougY   
July 14, 2014

I am excited to announce that Ricky Hicks was [re-]awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 2014. For those who know Ricky the only question was - why did it take them that long??

Ricky is one of the founding fathers of UtterAccess, and was one of the first MVPs UA produced in the past 9 years. He needed to attend matters elsewhere for a while, but now he is back in full force, and his actions and contributions are once again recognized.

Congrats Ricky cheers.gif

> Bob_g Joins The 10k Club       <-- click to reply
Posted by argeedblu   
01 July 2014

Congratulations Bob on passing the 10,000 post milestone. Thanks for you many contributions to the UtterAccess community and the consistent help you give to members seeking assistance.


> New Ensign In The Engine Room       <-- click to reply
Posted by DougY   
June 19 2014

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Bernie (pere_de_chipstick) to an UtterAccess Editor.

Bernie has been active in the forums and has a keen eye for, well... stuff ohyeah.gif so we decided to recruit him and use his skills in the engine room. Please join me in congratulating him on his appointment.

Congratulations Bernie, welcome aboard. Please report to the bar immediately, the liqueur cabinet will not restock itself.


UA Administrator

> Happy Birthday To Us!       <-- click to reply
Posted by argeedblu   
26 April, 2014

In a few hours, April 27, 2014 will be dawning in the Pacific; April 27th is a very special day for UtterAccess.com. It will be the 12th anniversary of our founding and we have a lot to celebrate.

  • We continue to be the "premier Microsoft® Access help forum," thanks to all of our members.
  • With nearly 165,000 members, UtterAccess is truly world-wide. We have been seen in more than 160 countries.
  • Our members and visitors enjoy and learn from a knowledge base of almost 2 million posts.
  • Our AccessWiki continues to grow with in depth Access articles.
  • We have recorded more than 1 billion hits to date.
UtterAccess would not be what it is without the willingness of each and every member to share, not only their Access knowledge, but also their questions and issues in making the most of Access.

Congratulations UA Members on another successful year and here's to many more to come! cheers.gif


> Introducing Virtual Access User Groups Online       <-- click to reply
Posted by ghubbell   
Just in From Juan Soto and Ben (Banana Republic) thumbup.gif

"The time has come to create a platform that will allow Access users a way to meet virtually and discuss a wide range of topics. It is with great excitement that Ben and I introduce AccessUserGroups.org

Why virtual access user groups make sense

I've had the privilege to visit and present at Access user groups around the US, it's a wonderful experience not many get to share: people coming together for the purpose to improve their skills in Access. By fostering the creation of Access user groups online, not just headed by Ben and I, but anyone willing to put in the time and effort to organize and lead any kind of group, were hoping to bring more users to the wonderful product we love and work so hard to learn.

Groups could be arranged around a language, for example, Access Latino, or a technology, SQL Server with Access. We would love to see people start groups around Access web applications and other languages or geo regions. Get started on your group by attending our first meeting!

With the help of our partner Office365, each group of users will get up to 25 Office365 E3 licenses to use as they please. (E3 comes with a full license to Office 2013, including Access!)

Please join us on April 8th for the inaugural meeting and learn more!

Let me know if you will be attending in the comment section on AccessUserGroups.org.

We look forward to building a global user network with Access, please join us!"

> Access Apps For Office - Html5 & Javascript For Your Access App       <-- click to reply
Posted by jleach   

Access Web Apps opens up for custom embedded HTML5/JavaScript solutions!

Using the newly released Apps for Office in Access 2013 Web Apps, we now have the ability to create Apps for Office using HTML and JavaScript/jQuery. These Access Apps for Office (AAFOs, as they've been unofficially dubbed) can communicate with your Access App data to provide rich custom controls that were previously unavailable for Access Apps, or to provide web services that your app can make use of.

The AAFO, once built, is added to your Access App via an HTML i-frame element on your forms. AAFOs can be published to the Microsoft Store for public facing solutions, or administered on your company's SharePoint site for internal solutions.

To develop AAFO, we can use Visual Studio 2013 with the Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 - March 2014 Update (direct download link )

For a brief introduction to Apps for Office, take a look at this interactive API tutorial: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/office/dn449240 (excel based, but good for an intro)

Members of the Access Team recently presented AAFO to the SharePoint Conference. Videos of these presentations are listed below:

SPC204: Anyone can build a SharePoint App with Microsoft Access
Jeff and Chris Usher

SPC338: The 'how to' guide for selling and managing SharePoint Apps built using Access
Bob and Kevin Bell

SPC335: Rich extensions to SharePoint Apps using Microsoft Access
Gary and Arjun

SPC 348: Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms
Greg, Bob, and Sonya

And finally, a group of early testers were keeping some notes on AAFO and general development practices. These notes will be progressively migrating to a new portion of UA's own Access Wiki. Keep in tune and start learning how to develop custom controls and services for Access Web Apps!


> Ever Wondered What 55,000 Replies Would Be Like ?       <-- click to reply
Posted by R. Hicks   
19 February, 2014

If you have ever wondered what making 55,000 replies here at UA would be like ... then you need only to ask theDBguy ....

Man... that's a lot of posts (not to mention the dedication to helping others).
I wish to express my sincere congratulations to theDBguy for everything he does here at UtterAccess Forums.

Ricky Hicks

> 5000 Post Milestone For Accesshawaii       <-- click to reply
Posted by argeedblu   
5 February 2014

Congratulations Dan on achieving your 5,000th post!

Dan is an UtterAccess VIP and has been a member since June 2004. Many UA members will know Dan by the excellent help he has given them since he joined.

Thanks Dan for all you do here and here's to another 5,000 and beyond.


> Thesmileycoder Is Now An MVP!       <-- click to reply
Posted by BananaRepublic   
Jan 3rd 2014

Please join us in congratulating TheSmileyCoder, who has been a UA member 2012 since and also maintains an awesome YouTube channel covering Access tutorials. TheSmileyCoder has been awarded Microsoft MVP award for his top-notch quality contributions.

Thank you, TheSmileyCoder, for sharing your knowledge and being a part of the forum.

> Cynthia Peterman Joins The 5,000 Post Club       <-- click to reply
Posted by argeedblu   
16 December 2013

Cynthia Peterman, UtterAccess moderator, joined our communtiy in 2008. She brought with her a wealth of experience in the printing industry. A consumate volunteer, Cynthia considers paying it forward as a privilege. Please join me in congratulating Cynthia on her 5000th post.


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