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> Pere_de_chipstick Achieves 10,000 Post
Posted by argeedblu - Nov-21-16 - 22 replies
2016 Nov 21

UA Member and moderator pere_de_chipstick (Bernie) has just achieved the 10,000 post milestone! Since joining UA in 2007, Bernie has been providing excellent help and advice to many, many members. It is always a pleasure to read and participate in his threads.

Congratulations Bernie and thanks for being a part of our community and all you do here.
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> SQL Server Features Released To Express And Other Editions
Posted by jleach - Nov-17-16 - 0 replies
Microsoft has released SP1 of SQL Server 2016, which makes more available a number of features that were previously only available in Enterprise editions.

For full details, head over to the MSDN blog (https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sqlrelease...1-sp1-released/), but here's a quick list of the new features available to all:

- Row Level Security
- Dynamic Data Masking
- Database snapshot
- Columnstore
- Partitioning
- Compression
- In Memory OLTP
- Always Encrypted
- PolyBase
- Fine grained auditing
- Multiple filestream containers
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> Exciting Access News From Microsoft For Office 365 Subscribers
Posted by argeedblu - Nov-5-16 - 0 replies
5 Nov 2016

On Friday, Microsoft announced in the Office Blog that Office 365 Business and Business Premium now include Access. In early 2017, Microsoft will be rolling out a set of new data connectors which will be available their customers with Office 365 ProPlus E3 and E5 plans. As the blog article suggests, "Access is a great database management solution for small businesses because it makes collecting and storing data accessible on the desktop—without requiring support from an IT administrator."

Access is alive and well and ready to serve companies of all sizes!
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