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> Calendar Popup (Date Picker), Month/Year/Events Calendar Styles    
post Nov 2 2008, 12:00 PM

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Update, Version 2008-08-11-0 (Supercedes Version 2007-05-25-0)
Now there are 3 Calendar Styles: Mini-Month, Whole-Year, and Events-Months.
The Date-Picker Function is redesigned to minimize the amount of customization that must be done when the tool is reused elsewhere.
Double-Click works in Events Months.
I wrote these calendar tools as drop-in forms for any database where I need a date picker.
These are configured for 2003, but they will should work in all other versions too once the References are set up. Search for the word References in the code to learn more.
1. Example of a straightforward date picker.
This uses a popup form called "CalendarPopup".
Keyboard shortcuts:
Days: Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right.
Months: PageUp, PageDown.
Years: Shift PageUp, Shift PageDown.
Today: Home.
Return or Space to save selection & close.
Escape to Close without saving selection.
The mouse works too, but I'm all about the keyboard shortcuts, because with them you can zip in, select, and zip out in a second or two. If there is a faster way to pick dates, I haven't seen it.
2. Example of a Scheduled-Events-Table tool that uses the Events Calendar.
This uses a popup form called "CalendarEvents" which has everything that "CalendarPopup" has, plus the "Description" field of the "CalendarEventsTable" records appears in the context of the calendar. It allows you to change the overall width and height of the calendar. You can go into the module and permanently change the values, if you know how many twips tall and wide you want it to be on your particular display.
Each Record in the Sample Table has two set-able Dates: DateDue, and DateDone. I use this to track my future Checking Account transactions, because they are a mix of Manual and Automatic payments, making then sometimes tricky to keep track of. This tool helps me predict exactly what payments are due, and whether they got paid, which prevents me from missing payments, and accidently making double-payments.
Click on the Datasheet Option Buttons to use the Date Picker to automatically populate the spreadsheet with the Dates you select.
Enjoy. Let me know if you like it.
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Attached File  Multi-Calendar Data Picker with Events 2008-11-02-0.zip ( 227.78K )Number of downloads: 924
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post Nov 13 2011, 11:54 AM

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Joined: 20-May 07

It has been awhile since I posted an update to my Multi-Calendar Date Picker.
Simplified the popup call, it's just two lines of code long now.
Added calendar-format picking buttons to the top left of each calendar.
There's lots of Date Pickers out there. This is the only one I use. It behaves the way I want it to.
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Attached File  Date_Picker__Multi_Calendar__2011_11_13_0.zip ( 454.16K )Number of downloads: 607
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post May 5 2015, 10:40 AM

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Joined: 8-October 07

I modified your mini date picker to allow selection of multiple dates and insert those dates to a table. I found this page when searching for a similar control and Im posting this here for anyone else who has a similar problem. It would pretty simple to convert this to using a VBA array instead of a table, but for my purposes I needed to use a table.
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Attached File  MultiDate_Picker_2015_05_05.zip ( 28.59K )Number of downloads: 336
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post Jul 11 2018, 12:54 AM

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Hi Gary,

Thank you for the date picker. very nice.

Would it be possible to get a copy up on the forum here,
which is dd/mm/yyyy format for Australia.

Thank you kindly
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post Jul 11 2018, 02:14 AM

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Joined: 4-June 18
From: Somerset, UK

Have you actually tried either of these last two examples?

The dates are stored /displayed in the table in your local date format and as the UK is also dd/mm/yyyy, that is what I see.
Where dates are shown on the forms as mm/dd/yy, it is very simple to format in the output you want.
It's very obvious in the code the places where that needs to be done.
Have a look at it yourself but if you get stuck and the author(s) don't respond first, l can update it this evening (UK time)
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post Jul 11 2018, 03:09 AM

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Joined: 9-June 18

Thanks very kindly Isladogs,

You are absolutely correct, in terms of the table is in the dd/mm/yyyy format

At first, I took the approach of Find Replace in the VBA code "mm/dd" to "dd/mm"

As it started debugging, I then looked at some other code, and it had several instances more of formatting dates with strings of VBA code.

I started debugging futher but then thought other people might want the same formatted date.

I can try a bit more later, just ran out of time, and skill?!

Thank you in advance for your analysis.
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