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> 5000 Post Milestone For Bakersburg9
Posted by argeedblu - Jan-20-18 - 7 replies
UA member bakersburg9 (Steve) has started the New Year with a bang, posting his 5000th post yesterday. Since joining UA in November 2004, Steve has participated in many interesting and challenging thread. Congratulations, Steve, and here's to the next 5000. cheers.gif
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> Access 2007 End Of Cycle
Posted by DougY - Oct-11-17 - 3 replies
A reminder and heads up from the Access Dev Team. Access 2007, along with the other Office 2007 parts will no longer be supported. The Access standalone components are included in this end of cycle, so if you need, or want to have them for possible use in the future, now will be a good time to download them. Because we saw this question a few times after products reached the end of cycle, Microsoft ending the support for Office 2007 it does not mean it's an abandonware, just not-supported-ware.

As I’m sure you are all aware, Office 2007 is approaching end of extended support.

This is a heads up that the following Access components that are available as standalone downloads only, share the same lifecycle:

Access 2007 runtime - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/de...ls.aspx?id=4438
Office Data Connectivity Components (aka ACE) - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/de...e190a24fa6=True
ADE - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/de...s.aspx?id=24569 (includes the packaging wizard, source code control, and the save as template functionality)

Along with other Office 2007 products, their support will end soon and they will not be available to download anymore.
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> Updates From The Access Dev Team
Posted by DougY - Aug-24-17 - 0 replies
24 August 2017

The Access Dev Team wanted to share the following information with the Access community:

New data connectors:
Announcement blog post on the Access blog.
What’s New Article is updated with the new connectors info (Office Insiders)

Support articles:
Link to or import data from Dynamics 365: Support.Office
Link to or import data from Salesforce: Support.Office

Accessibility features:
What’s New Article is updated with accessibility features info (Office Insiders)
Support articles have been updated accordingly

Access case studies
First case study written by Access MVP Karl Donaubauer – "A future for children (ZUKI)"
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