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> Access 2013 Development Project - Please Submit Bid    
post Mar 5 2018, 11:26 AM

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In the attached database, CDI Export Claims, I tried to provide all the tables and fields required to build the simple database our export department requires. Basically, what we need is somewhere to store claims and credit requests. In terms of functionality, this is what we require:

1) Timeline 7 calendar days or less. Bonus paid for early completion. Negotiable
2) Budget Submit your best bid
3) Forms
i) Data entry/Navigate
ii) Add, edit or delete Customer
iii) Add, edit or delete Item(s)
iv) Add, edit or delete Account Coordinators
v) Add, edit or delete Email Contacts

4) Queries and Associated Reports
i) All claims records or limit by date parameters (sort by date, by customers, by item or reason code)
ii) All open claims records or limit by date parameters (sort by date, by customers, by item or reason code)
iii) All closed claims records or limit by date parameters (sort by date, by customers, by item or reason code)
iv) Claims records during a specific time period for one or multiple customers or one or more geographic regions
v) Claims during a specific time period for one or more customers or one or more geographic
vi) Claims pertaining to a specific customer or geographic region (ability to add date parameters. Sort by date or item)
vii) Claims pertaining to a specific product (ability to limit by date parameters. Sort by date or customer or geographic region)
viii) Claims cost by customer, some or all customers or by one or more regions, with date parameter
ix) Auto-generated and emailed reports:
(1) All open claims open over 10 days (Run every Friday)
(2) All open claims open over 14 days (Run on Monday)
x) Build in ability to print and/or email .pdf or doc (whichever you prefer) and .xlxs output

5) Email Notification/Alert if a claim is unresolved after 14 days.

6) I have provided an Access 2013 Export Database which includes what I consider all necessary tables and fields. Upon your review, you may decide to add, edit or delete some or all of the tables in an effort to create a superior resulting project.

7) I will supply my companies logo (cdi) and the logo of the cdi customer for whom the database will be designed. They should be highly prominent on all forms and reports.

If you have questions or an an interest in the project please let me know.

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post Mar 5 2018, 12:02 PM

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No database attached! shrug.gif

Make sure you have compact & repair'd it and zip it before uploading.

You *might* not be able to upload until you have some amount of posts - if so, contact the admins (You can use the report button in a post).





David Marten
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post Mar 5 2018, 01:40 PM

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Based on your description of the attachment, it might be simpler to list the tables and fields in the file, since that seems to be all there is right now. For example:

GeographicRegionID [Autonumber, Primary Key]

CustomerID [Autonumber, Primary Key]
lngGeographicRegionID [Foreign Key to tblGeographicRegions.GeographicRegionID]

AccountCoordinatorID [Autonumber, Primary Key]


It would also help if you described what your business-specific terms mean, and how your real-world data inter-relates. For example, you mention "items" and "claims" and "credit requests", which may be familiar to you, but people outside of your industry will need to have these terms defined and explained.

Hope this helps,


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post Mar 5 2018, 01:48 PM

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Please note that there are restrictions on new users posting attachments.

I'm not sure how flexible you are, but I do wonder about the wisdom of putting a tight turn-around on the project. You'll probably want to have a dialog with potential developers first.

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post Mar 12 2018, 04:35 PM

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Most developers will require much more information to be able to give a proper quote. And if they don't I'd be very leery of even considering working with them (I've seen far too many people get burned by this, scope creep resulting in horrific final bills!).

How many users? Therefore should it be split.

What version of Access do all your users have? Is everyone running Access 2013? Full version or runtime? What bitness is being run within your organization?

Does everyone run the same version of Office?

What e-mail client does everyone have?

Is everyone connected to a LAN, the same LAN? Do you have remote users? Do any users use wireless connections

Is security a concern, does access need to be restricted, user accounts created? To what extent, just to open the db or to access certain forms/reports.

Is security a concern, is a more secure BE required (SQL Server)?

and so on...

You may like to consult http://www.devhut.net/2012/12/21/database-...-questionnaire/ which is just the tip of the iceberg of the questions that need to be properly answered before looking to start a project or hire a developer.

Rushing into a project will lead to very disappointing results, or drastic cost overruns to get the desired results as it will need to be revised multiple time to get to the desired end result.

I'd urge you to slow down, carefully elaborate all your requirements, and define proper specifications for the project with all the possible supporting documents (samples of desired reports, formatting, ...)

Good luck to you.

Daniel Pineault (2010-2017 Microsoft MVP)
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