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> Database Over Citrix On Virtual Drive -backend Table Gets Deleted When Accessed From Frontend, Access 2003    
post Feb 17 2017, 11:31 AM

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We have a database over Citrix on Company's virtual drive with limited admin permission for Access 2003 version...

it have 37000 records and 90 columns
It's a Split database - backend and frontend.
it's a multi-user database

We don't have any SQL or any kind or server to store backend, its basically normal jet 4 engine based database.

We don't even have command prompt on virtual drive so cant even debug/decompile the database via that route.

Issue is backend table "Main" gets deleted sometimes when accessed from frontend.
I have audit trial function built but its not showing why its been deleted.

I don't have any other way to get to know what is triggering the table deletion in backend.

Can anyone help me with the solution or suggestion, I need to apply to my database ...
Also, any known issue or bug -if you know - let me know how to fix it or get a workaround of it...

Any help will be appreciated..

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post Feb 17 2017, 10:34 PM

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You may have a corrupted back end.

I would:
1) Make a backup of the back end on hte server
2) Copy the database to a local hard drive on a PC with Full Access 2003.
3) Make another backup of the back end that is local
4) Create a new blank database with Access 2003.
5) Import all the tables.
6) Make another backup of the back end that is local
4) Compact/repair.
7) Make another backup of the back end that is local
8) rename the copy of the back end on the server
9) Copy the new back to server.

Boyd Trimmell aka Hi Tech Coach ( HiTechCoach.com free Access stuff)
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John Vinson
post Feb 20 2017, 03:51 PM

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After you follow Coach's excellent suggestions for recovery, I think you urgently need a change of architecture! It sounds like you have Access "frontend" databases on Citrix Client computers linked - over the Internet - to a shared "backend" on the Citrix Server. This WILL NEVER WORK WELL; I've got the burned fingers and a lost client to prove it.

The solution I found for connecting over Citrix requires some more work. You need to store the backend on the Citrix Server (or a computer on the same, fast stable LAN as the server), and have as many folders as you have users, each with its own frontend, on the same LAN; users will need to run Citrix just as a "dumb terminal" and actually run Access on the host computer. Access simply cannot tolerate the delays and communication drops across the Internet, even with Citrix; it's just to demanding of fast, rock-solid stable connectivity.

John W. Vinson
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