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> Code Needed To Chane Colour Of A Form, Access 2016    
post May 15 2018, 09:54 AM

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From: Kent, UK

Hi I wonder if you can help me please?

I currently have code that makes the form change colour when the individual is marked inactive.

I would like to add an additional command to change the form to a different colour if another field is populated.

This is the code I have in the form properties:

Private Sub Form_Current()
On Error GoTo Form_Current_Error

If Me.Status.Column(1) = "Inactive" Then
Me.Section(acDetail).BackColor = vbRed

Me.Section(acDetail).BackColor = vbGreen

End If

On Error GoTo 0
Exit Sub

What do I need to add please if the field in question is populated with a 1 active please?

Does that make sense? Do I add new code? I'm not sure what colour its currently red if they are inactive and the normal is green indicating they are green/active. Maybe yellow or purple.

Thank you
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Doug Steele
post May 15 2018, 10:03 AM

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From: St. Catharines, ON (Canada)


Private Sub Form_Current()
On Error Resume Next
  Select Case Me.Status.Column(1)
    Case "Inactive"
      Me.Section(acDetail).BackColor = vbRed
    Case "Active"
      Me.Section(acDetail).BackColor = vbYellow
    Case Else
      Me.Section(acDetail).BackColor = vbGreen
  End Select
Exit Sub

Note that I removed the lines On Error GoTo Form_Current_Error and On Error GoTo 0. I'm actually surprised you didn't get a compile error, since no label Form_Current_Error existed in the module!
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