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> Chip Pearson
Posted by DougY - May-1-18 - 4 replies
It is with great sadness that we announce that Chip Pearson, Excel MVP, has passed away on April 19th 2018. Chip was an MVP for the last 16 years, and his contribution to the community we are all part of were tremendous.

His obituary can be read here: http://www.kccremation.com/ObituaryDetails.aspx?id=23658

Go well Chip. Thank you for all your help and support to the community.

UtterAccess Team
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> Release 7.7 Of SSMA Restores Choice Of 32 Or 64 Bit Versions
Posted by GroverParkGeorge - Mar-29-18 - 1 replies
Here's a bit of good news for Access developers who need to migrate data from their local Access accdbs to SQL Server.

With the most recent release of SQL Server Migration Assistant, version 7.7, Microsoft has not only restored the 32 bit version, but now offers both 32 bit and 64 bit versions as separate downloads, removing the confusion that previously existed when they were combined in a single download.
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> Facebook Dis-connect
Posted by ghubbell - Mar-22-18 - 7 replies
Just a heads up to anyone who might care, UA Administration has decided to remove our links to Facebook (FB) along with deleting our complete Facebook page.

This is of course to positively distance ourselves in light of the recent events with FB / Cambridge Analytica and also and perhaps most offensive, comments which have become public, which were made by Mister Zuckerberg regarding how he perceived (perceives?!) Facebook users - a statement he made during Facebook's early years.

You are welcome to comment as you please, perhaps express your own feelings though do recall, we do not (never have permitted) discussing politics or religion - and the Facebook issue is neither of those, more in my opinion, one of ethics, proper business practices and respect, or the lack thereof.

A reminder to everyone that any / all of your personal information provided to UA, remains completely confidential and we do not permit access to these records (encrypted) to anyone outside of 'these walls'. We never have.

Our most important guideline here is and shall always be, "treat all other members with dignity and respect. People who answer questions at UA do so for free. Politeness and appreciation go a long way."

Thanks everyone,

Gord cheers.gif
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