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> Recognition Of Difference Double Click And Single Click, Access 2016    
post Jul 11 2018, 03:28 AM

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Hi UtterAccess

Is there any Recognition of difference double click and single click

for the following reason:

I have found this article
a workaround, which utilizes the Form_Timer() event, if you're not already using the timer for something else on that form. Here's a sample:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Private mblnDoubleClicked As Boolean

Private Sub cmdClicks_Click()
Me.TimerInterval = 200 'turn on timer
End Sub

Private Sub cmdClicks_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
mblnDoubleClicked = True 'set flag
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Timer()
Me.TimerInterval = 0 'turn off timer

If mblnDoubleClicked Then
mblnDoubleClicked = False 'reset flag
MsgBox "Double Clicked"
'run 2-click code...
MsgBox "Single Clicked"
'run 1-click code...
End If
End Sub

But in our case we are using a OnTimer = 1000 in the properties of the form,
in order to update a clock

We have a second form, that does not use ontimer, so I will try there.

But wanted to find out if any other methods exist by members to distinguish in VBA.

We are using the double click to drill down from a crosstab query to a standard form.
And we are now attempting to use the drag/drop method on the same crosstab query to update, when the drop is detected.

Thank you kindly

While the single click
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post Aug 10 2018, 02:36 PM

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just thinking out loud, use a module-level datetime var as a semaphore to assess whether we have a double-click, pseudo code would be something like (this may take some tweaking)

- key point is to alway reset datetime var to some old date, this is how we tell if we're dealing with a second click

on click
    'detect & act on a doubleclick
    'if there was a previous click
    if not (mydatevar=#1/1/2000 8am") then
    'and it is recent enough to be considered the first of two clicks
              if (now()-mydatevar) < (whatever interval is deemed a doubleclick) then
                        do double-click stuff
                        reset datevar to #1/1/2000 8am"
                        exit sub
    'not a double-click so fall thru          
    - set mydatevar=now              'set mydatevar to prepare for next click
    - do whatever single-click actions are needed - if any
       - key point - any single-click logic must reset datevar to #1/1/2000 8am" when done

goal is, if none of the single-click actions fire, then all we've done is set mydatevar, in anticipation of next click
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post Aug 11 2018, 08:07 PM

Posts: 53
Joined: 9-June 18

Thank you very kindly for the response.

As soon as I have got something working, I will update.
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