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> Migrating Or Storing An Access 2016 Back End Database Schema, Tables, Data To Azure SQL Database, Access 2016    
post Jul 12 2018, 12:25 AM

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Hi Access Forum Group

As I am just exploring Azure as a solution for backend file of Access,
I have asked a few questions in the Microsoft Developer Network.

it is both looking at using an SQL Database a


nd if even remotely possible using file storage to simply store the access backend, if this is possible

I also ran into an issue trying to install SSMA
but reading on there are issues

I was hoping getting access backend into azure was a bit simpler. If anyone can share any feedback to my questions above,
and tips and tricks. This are is quite new to me.
Thank you kindly
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post Jul 15 2018, 11:30 PM

Posts: 53
Joined: 9-June 18

Hi UtterAccess

As I am understanding Azure more now, an opinion please

1) A local SQL Server Database is setup as the backend for an access front end (instead of an Access backend file)

2) The Access frontend updates at the same time both the Azure SQL Database and the local SQL Server Database,

(Taking note that the Azure SQL Database is updated live by both the Administrators and the Staff, hence requiring multiple IP's)

3) Instead of using Azure SQL Sync to keep the local SQL Database and the Azure SQL Database synchronised,
that the Administrator toggles to the local database if they wish to say do merely reporting, and using one of the tools on this forum:

In this manner the local and online copy of data is always sync'ed. And there is less data being synced to the local copy, thus reducing costs.
And the performance for the administrator would be quicker when they wish to merely retrieve information, by working of an up to data local copy.

Now of course we would still need a sync at a less frequent level to the local copy, perhaps on a daily basis, for any changes made by the staff to the Azure SQL Database.

Is such a setup possible, or not practical, or rather logical?

Thank you.

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