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> Run-time Error ‘13’ Type Mismatch, Access 2013    
post Aug 13 2017, 04:18 AM

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>> **I would really like to update the Final Act value with “Delogged” whether there is a Mailed Date value present or not please.
>> --So if the mailed date is null, drop through the Received Date /vs/ Mailed Date comparison and just allow update to Final Action column

Indeed. You can code defensively, or in a more reactionary way. So checking values before their use makes a lot of sense if they've entirely likely to not have been provided.
Error handling if it isn't is another option, but tends to be more of an entire procedure failure route. (Though isn't necessarily.)
I've heard programming referred to as "If statements and Loops". Seems harsh, and yet the bread and butter (and certainly of getting started) of it.
So If statement away.
If you need a value to be supplied before you use it, check it. (If statement example earlier.) Don't use that value then, or provide a substitute.

Then proceed with the rest of your procedure.

>> I don’t know the apps process at all.
>> I should have talked to a manager or someone else who knew the screen, the key entry person was out Thursday and Friday.

Well, if you don't we certainly don't. ;-)

Best of luck with it.


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tina t
post Aug 13 2017, 10:12 AM

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and don't forget the most important rule when troubleshooting somebody else's database/application: first, do no harm.


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