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> Help Sought By An Absolute Raw Hand !, Access 2007    
post Jun 19 2017, 02:21 AM

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greetings to all my seniors.
am an absolute raw hand in MS Access
am 63+
during 1993 thru 2013, could learn and work on MS Word/Excel/PPoint only - as I did not have any access to MS Access.

Being an end-user, recently I started using MSAccess - just only updating receipt of Cash+Cheque and printing receipts.

The so-call tech support, does not want to, repeat does not want to guide how to rectify the errors/solution to trouble shoot overcoming a problem!

Am just giving an example of one of my problems -
Say Receipt No. 17679 - There was a balance of Rs 1000 to be received from the Party.
In 17680 - for the same party, when I opened the screen - the entry shown as Previous Balance 1000
His Cheque details were added and in the Misc earnings, #PB# was entered and Saved the Receipt (as seen earlier done by the Tech support).
But unofrtunately,
from the next receipt onwards, whenever I try to receive payments from the same party, say Receipt No. 18376, 18398, 18412, 18413, 18414, 18795 - in all the Receipts 'Previous Balance - Rs 1000' is shown.
(I had to write separately in the Remarks - NO dues from the Party)

Please guide me how to rectify this error.

Thanks very much
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post Jun 19 2017, 06:40 AM

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It is difficult to suggest anything without knowing more about the table structure and relationships. My vague guess is that records of payments against the invoice (?) are not linked to the invoice record, or maybe payment records are displayed in a subform that does not have the correct Link Master and Link Child properties for the subform control, so do not show the relationship to the main record.

The UA Newcomer's Reading List has a lot of helpful information about database structure and relationships. All of the articles are good, but if I was to suggest one to start it would be Crystal's tutorial.
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post Jun 19 2017, 06:46 AM

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As noted, this is not specifically an Access problem. This is a problem in the way the specific application you are using was designed. It has to do with the structure of your tables, the design of your forms and the workflow of the application. This is something the developer of the application NEEDS to fix. We can only help if we know the structure of the app.

You could try to upload a copy of the db, but I don't know how large it might be or if there is any confidential info.

Scott <>
Scottgem's Blog
Microsoft Access MVP since 2007
Author: Microsoft Office Access 2007 VBA
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post Jun 19 2017, 08:06 AM

UA Admin
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We're only too happy to help you resolve the design issues in this database application, but first we need to know as much as possible about the tables you created, how they relate to one another, and the forms you created.

Let's start with the tables. Either describe the ones you have now, or better yet, as requested, upload a copy of the database here for us to look at. We'll help you revise them towards a more appropriate relational design.

A few basic principles come to mind. Access is a software development tool used to create relational database applications. It is very different from Excel which is intended for a different purpose and which, therefore, has different features and functions. If, for example, your tables look something like Excel spreadsheets, they'll be hard to use and inflexible. So, that's the first task.

Another important point is that forms are based on tables, not the other way around. In other words, build the tables first and then create forms that work with those tables. Bruce has mentioned a couple of the common missteps new Access users can make, such as not properly relating invoices to payments at the table level and not setting up the main form/sub form to work effectively with those tables.

And finally, with regard to the lack of responsiveness from MS support. Keep in mind that you are using Access to create a tool unique to YOUR purposes. That's not with Microsoft's support is all about. Their responsibility is in trouble-shooting problems with the tool itself ("I can't get Access to open and run on my computer.") They don't have support for building an application with that tool. Compare that to calling and asking them how to write a resume in MS Word, for example, or how to compose an email wishing your cousin a happy birthday. Not at all what Tech Support is supposed to do. Obviously, Access is a bit more complex, but it's the same thing. Tech support simply can't help you design and build a database application.

If you can upload a copy of the current database, compact and repair it first. Then compress it into a ZIP file for upload.


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