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> Items In Detail Section With Crosstab Queries And Specified Fixed Headings Repeat, Access 2016    
post Jun 12 2018, 06:22 PM

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Hi UtterAccess

I have posted a suggestion in User Access Voice

The conversation if you read from the beginning to the end, or skip directly to the last end posts, in the below link shows in more detail the design.
Maybe there is another way, or suggestion in design to achieve a similar view:

ITEMS in Detail Section with Crosstab Queries and specified fixed headings should have option to suppress repeating
Whenever an ITEM such as a Title ITEM or progress bar is in the Detail section, so if you display the form as Continuous Forms, you will see a progress bar in each displayed record. It will happen whenever a Continuous Form displays more than one record.

The only way to avoid this is to move the progress bar to the form header (or footer) section.
But by doing so, the headings do not move with the datasheet area of the crosstab query. Nor do we wish to have a single form.

Please refer to the attached design, on the very last page described in microsoft forums.


Either an access development enhancement to enable this would provide more flexibility to create complicated reports.

The other thought I had was to have 2 subforms within the main form.
The first subform for the heading ITEMS, and the progress bar (but this progress bar is representing, elapsed time, like an hour glass),
And the second subform for the Crosstab Query.

And if it is then possible to sync the scrollbar in the second subform whenever the user moves it, to then force the first subform scrollbar to move in exactly the same position, left or right, each and every time the bar is moved in the second subform.

Just as a novice developer, I have seen a lot of posts on this possibility, but no single document which simply screen captures, all the necessary steps, and configuration items in order that I may reproduce the possibility, rather than just downloading zip files.
Can you please assist.

Thank you kindly.

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post Jun 12 2018, 07:35 PM

UA Admin
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From: Newcastle, WA

If I understand what you're trying to accomplish, perhaps you could look at the use of a split form to manage this presentation.

By placing labels on the split form at the top, and shrinking it down so that it's just tall enough to display the labels and -- if you wish -- the progress bar, it simulates very well what I think you're driving at.

It should be possible to lock the size and placement of the elements in that form portion.
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post Jun 12 2018, 08:27 PM

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Joined: 9-June 18

Thank you George,
I will try your suggestion but I believe the issue will still occour because:

There are 2 heading areas.
The first, is the pushbuttons, and fixed titles. Yes, these can remain static in their location. And the split form works well for this.

But the 2nd heading area,
involves column heading items, such as 7 am, 8 am, 9 am...... 5 pm
And also the progress bar
This 2nd heading area needs to scroll across with the crosstab.

Now if we use a split form, and put the crosstab in the detail area,
it only then displays as a datasheet. And it does not allow the heading Items nor the progress bar.

The solution to this was to put the subform, which contained the crosstab and the progress bar, and heading items.

I was suggested a Flexigrid as a 3rd party provider ActiveX component, but the solution I have created does a similar setup.

Hence if someone or yourself could still feedback on my original questions, and hopefully one of the solutions will work.

Thank you again.
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post Jun 13 2018, 07:35 AM

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Joined: 9-June 18

Just to add to my previous statement it says
"The solution to this was to put the subform, which contained the crosstab and the progress bar, and heading items."

But this does not provide the overall solution, as the subform then results in the repeat of the header ITEMS and the Progress Bar.

This is the reason why I am still looking for an overall solution to the entire report.
ie. potentially two subforms that synchronise the scrollbar positions,
Access to enhance the software give the user to not repeat ITEMS placed above the crosstab with specified fixed headings
some other nifty VBA solution that removes the repeated headings and progress bar

Thank you.
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