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> Subreports Not Displaying, Access 2013    
post Aug 9 2018, 10:04 AM

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Hey forum!
This is probably going to be the dumbest question you will have received in a very long time. However, I'm stumped so here goes...

My report displays employee information (name, title, dept, etc) and contains two sub-reports. The first sub-report displays a list of training the employee has scheduled. The second displays a list of training the employee has completed. The two sub-reports are linked to the main report using the employee id (EMP_ID) field.

If the employee has training scheduled then that particular sub-report displays properly on the main report. The same is true for the completed sub-report when training has been completed. The problem occurs if there is no training scheduled or no training completed. In these cases, the sub-report does not appear at all in the main report, just a blank space. While these are valid scenarios, I still need the sub-report(s) to display.

Any thoughts and/or advice is appreciated more than you can know!

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post Aug 9 2018, 10:20 AM

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Hi Everett: One way to do this (that I have used in the past) is to use a UNION query as the source for the subreport. The first part is what you have now. The second part inserts a dummy record that has, say, "No training scheduled." in one of the fields and Nulls in the rest if the count in the first part is 0 (WHERE and a DCount looking where the first part looks).

Without any details on your db this is just an idea, but you might want to try this approach. The purpose of the dummy record, of course, is to force the subreport to display.

Others may have other approaches, but I have used this approach successfully in the past.

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