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> Access Be On Sharepoint, Access 2010    
post Jul 17 2017, 04:57 AM

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Hi All - i have a request to go from Company's network folder structure to a SharePoint folder structure (in respect to data access to Access BE).

Currently, users have BE on a shared server location and FE on user's local c:drive (standard robust setup). I've not worked with SharePoint as the BE and wondering whether this is something people have done - is it possible/reliable? Their main reason for the change is that they don't want the process of "new users" to take days/weeks (because a work request via IT department for user to be setup on company folder takes so long)...

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post Jul 17 2017, 06:53 AM

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Our company have a similar pollicy. I have found it all but impossible to set up a split access 2010 db on sharepoint 2010. Even if you create the BE, it appears you can not alter it, so need to create a new BE, if you wish to make any changes. Newer versions may differ.

You can link to share point list, easily but you can not set up cascade relationships between tables, so would need to handle every thing in VBA, which is erksome and very likely going to fail, and lose you data, at some point.

We have recently moved to Sharepoinr 2013, so I will revisit this subject I see if things have improved.

Will be watching this thread and hoping some one else has had more success it this area.

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post Jul 17 2017, 07:47 AM

UA Admin
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Please do NOT try to run an Access BE from a SharePoint Library.

I understand that it could be done, although I've never heard of a successful installation.

If your organization insists on putting the data on SharePoint (and there are some good reasons to do that), you can export the tables from Access to SharePoint.

Beginning with version 2010, you CAN create and management Referential Integrity between SharePoint lists using the Lookup field mechanism. To do so properly requires a good understanding of RI and how it needs to work, of course. As with any local Access table relationships, the lookup field must store the related records' Primary Key as the Foreign Key, and not the value field. Other than that, it's a pretty good approach.

Performance should be okay. The amount of data you can store, of course, is a limiting factor, so be sure your requirements there are not excessive. I would imagine tables with up to 50,000 records would be reasonable.
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post Jul 17 2017, 08:53 AM

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From: UK

Thanks Grover

Yes - i thought this was about using lists...

So the company's only reason is simply to improve the time it takes to add a new user; i.e. via sharepoint they can do this instantly, but via IT they have to wait something like 1 week before user is given shared folder permissions.

I think I will push back on this...i.e. use the more robust network folders and try improve communication with IT team...which should hopefully lead to expedited new users...
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