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> How to copy code from posts if line breaks disappear    
post Apr 27 2007, 01:00 PM

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Sometimes, when you select code from a post and paste it into Access, the line breaks disappear! If this happens, copy the code first to Word. Format to use a small font, adjust left/right margins, and change page layout to landscape if the lines wrap.

Then Copy the code from Word and Paste into Access sad.gif


If the post has been edited, the posted code will be double-spaced due to the way that UtterAccess renders changed code. This is a problem if line continuation has been used -- make sure you delete the extra lines between continued statements <smile>

'~~~~~~~~~ Compile ~~~~~~~~~

Whenever you change code or references, your should always compile before executing. If you fail to do this, you may get a "Disk or Network Error" message when you use your database.

from the menu in a module window: Debug, Compile

fix any errors on the yellow highlighted lines

keep compiling until nothing happens (this is good!)


ps. Thanks, Arvin, for nudging me to write this up!
Edited by: strive4peace2007 on Fri Apr 27 14:09:46 EDT 2007.
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