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> Time Pieces (date/time Pickers; Calendar Scheduler N' Stuff) 3, Any Version    
post Nov 5 2009, 02:42 PM

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Several good folks here at UtterAccess have contributed to this demo project, (see the properties and code comments). This is a compilation of a date picker that will pop-up next to the control that called it; a time picker that will also pop-up near the control that called it; two different time range selectors; a date difference calculator that displays a date/time difference in days|hours|minutes; a calendar schedule; an analog clock with swappable clock faces and group of new icon images in a form with a few graphical elelments for nifty form design.
NOW UPDATED WITH A CALENDAR REPORT ! Thanks to Dennis (doctor9) here at UtterAccess, this demo now has a report modeled after the large calendar form. Contributors also include, (nut not limited to datAdrenaline, Bob Raskew and Stephen Yale)
The "Date as Words" (also in the Code Archive) has been reworked to render Time as well. Several new features in the modGlobalVars module.
This is compiled and is presented with Access 97, 2K & 2K7 formats. (All tested and working - 2K will work in 2K3 and the 2K7 will work in 2K10.) Hopefully you will find this useful.
Attached File  timepiecesani.gif ( 279.93K )Number of downloads: 455

Attached File  TimePieces.zip ( 1.47MB )Number of downloads: 1703
(download number before update was 1,751)
Update Nov 28, 2012 - cleaned-up & added some code to include the latest DateTime Functions module - by Cybercow
Be sure to check out the posts below for other features, corrections and modifications.

And as always, ensure any date code matches the syntax for your specific world location.
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