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> Ie9 And My UA Discussions, Any Version    
post Oct 8 2011, 01:59 AM

Posts: 7,035
Joined: 22-December 10
From: England

IS have done it again.
With windows 7, it's IE9 or someone else's browser, and right now I'm on the verge of dumping IE completely.
Last week it took me hours to get a PDF download from a government site that I'd gone into an specifically requested, due to a security 'feature' in IE9 designed to prtoect me from myself (again).
Today I'm using firefox again becuase undder IE9, whenever I try to list my UA discussions I get a UA message telling mat it can't find any. Firefox of course works with no problem whatsoever.
Can anyone out there please tell what tweak I have to make to IE9 in order to see my discussions? -- I can list unanswered easily enough.
Thanks to all.
This is the UA message I get (it goes on after that.) - I typed in Internet Explorer 9 into help but that found nothing either
"Sorry, but we did not find any matches to display"
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post Oct 8 2011, 02:43 AM

Auntie Spam the UA moderator
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From: Omaha, NE USA

IE9 Problems
There have been some other threads about this issue.
Some people are uninstalling 9 and going back to 8.
Others are using Chrome or ffx.
Sometimes deleting the cache & cookies might work.
It is frustrating--maybe ms will get it right with ie 10 iconfused.gif
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post Oct 8 2011, 09:41 AM

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Joined: 2-June 03
From: West Coast, USA

Same thing happens to me at times. More annoying than anything else. I think Cynthia's suggestion is spot on - delete the cache and cookies.
WIW - I'm not particularly impressed with IE 9 - IE 8 "works" for me.
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post Oct 8 2011, 09:57 AM

Posts: 7,035
Joined: 22-December 10
From: England

Thanks folks, I'll try the clear cache idea.
did want to 'go back' to IE8, but the Windows 7 was a brand new install, and MS won't let you install IE8, because IE8 is not supported by (or is it with or on?) windows 7. Happy to let you download it, but refuses point blank to install.
And as you can see, other UA functionality is fine, but no luck if I want to go to 'My Discussions'
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post Oct 8 2011, 10:25 AM

Posts: 7,035
Joined: 22-December 10
From: England

Well what do you know,
Ocleared everything (It said), including all my favourites, cookies, form, passwords, - you name it.
hut down IE9 completely.
Started it again
Opened UA
and there I was still logged on, and hey presto, My discussions are back.
Thanks for the tip.
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