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> Thedbguy Passes The 45000 Post Milestone!    
post Feb 8 2013, 05:44 PM

Remembered as Utterly Yorkshire and Forum/Wiki Editor
Posts: 16,533
Joined: 12-January 03
From: Devon UK

8th February 2013
here's no words can explain the sheer dedication and commitment shown by our very own DBGuy, who today has passed the Utterly Amazing 45000 post milestone!!!!!
THis willingness to help, professionalism, courtesy and boundless knowledge that he freely shares is almost beyond belief.
DBGuy, you're definitely one of a kind and I for one am extremely grateful for all that you do, not just in answering questions but for the unseen work that you also put in 'behind the scenes' to help keep UtterAccess what it is.
Congratulations on your latest milestone and many, many thanks
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post Feb 8 2013, 06:24 PM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 1,523
Joined: 19-January 12
From: Denmark, Copenhagen

Impressive, that is really all I can say. Nice work. I wonder if I can even manage to reach 1k before you take the 50k marker.
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post Feb 8 2013, 08:28 PM

Posts: 9,239
Joined: 21-June 07

A simple and sincere "thanks" for your help to me personally and countless others. We appreciate you.
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post Feb 9 2013, 03:02 AM

Auntie Spam the UA moderator
Posts: 5,463
Joined: 17-February 08
From: Omaha, NE USA

pompom.gif Way to go DB!!
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post Feb 9 2013, 04:16 AM

Posts: 361
Joined: 24-November 12
From: Manchester, UK

Unbelievable dedication DBG. This Forum is amazing thanks to a Shrek-look-a-like with so much knowledge.
Here's to the next 45,000 <
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post Feb 9 2013, 06:36 AM

UA Forum + Wiki Administrator
Posts: 14,079
Joined: 26-September 02
From: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Wow!! Alan said it all. Congratulations indeed!!
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Bob G
post Feb 9 2013, 07:06 AM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 11,184
Joined: 24-May 10
From: CT

well done.
always enjoy sharing a thread.
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post Feb 9 2013, 10:08 AM

Posts: 1,097
Joined: 1-December 12

Wow 45,000 posts! Although I’ve only been a member for a very short time I’d like to say thanks to thedbguy for all of his help. Your informative posts have helped rekindle my interest in Access. Congratulations on this milestone event and enjoy all the accolades given to you as you clearly deserve them all.
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R. Hicks
post Feb 9 2013, 10:32 AM

UA Forum Administrator
Posts: 40,482
Joined: 8-February 00
From: Birmingham, Alabama USA

Congratulation on the 45,000 replies theDBguy .. a job "well done".
... but 45,000 does not seem like a lot to me ... big_grin.gif
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post Feb 9 2013, 11:02 AM

Access Wiki and Forums Moderator
Posts: 73,746
Joined: 19-June 07
From: SunnySandyEggo

Thanks to all of you for your support and friendship. I feel very privileged to be part of such a wonderful online community where everyone is so willing to share their knowledge. I learn so much from all of you each time I come here.
Ocan still remember almost six years ago when I first found this place and saw how much Ricky and Jack had contributed to benefit everyone in the Access community and thought to myself; I would like to be just like them. That inspiration has been my motivation that gives me the energy to keep coming back here ever since and try to do what I can, as much as I can, to welcome newcomers and share what was shared with me.
I know that I won't be able to do this forever, although I would like to, but this place gives me so much joy that I would like to cherish for as long as possible.
Thanks again to all the members and crew for making UtterAccess the best forum anywhere!
Just my 2 cents... 2cents.gif
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post Feb 9 2013, 02:32 PM

Posts: 45
Joined: 20-July 11
From: Portland, OR

Congratulations dbGuy, you're knowledge and generosity are an inspiration, many thanks.
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post Feb 9 2013, 05:08 PM

UA Admin
Posts: 33,957
Joined: 20-June 02
From: Newcastle, WA

Thanks 'guy. Your efforts are much appreciated.
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post Feb 10 2013, 07:42 AM

Posts: 3,406
Joined: 30-December 03
From: Glasgow, Scotland

My thanks to the DBguy ....
Is is so typical of the super forum the DBguy helps and educates me and so many others and we are all left wondering how he and all the other "experts" find the time to contribute so much.
In my own case countless times I have been guided on the correct path by the DBguy, even when I was miles from where I wanted to be.
Thanks again
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post Feb 10 2013, 01:20 PM

Utterly Crispy UA Forum Administrator
Posts: 8,791
Joined: 29-September 01
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

What can I say that hasn't already been said, but Congratulations one more time! wine.gif
Ostill think you type with both hands on a separate keyboard on two threads at once grinhalo.gif just kidding.
for all the knowledge that you share to so many and to all the effort you put in to making UA what it is today.
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post Feb 10 2013, 05:57 PM

UtterAccess Editor
Posts: 10,325
Joined: 8-November 07
From: South coast, England

Congratulations DBguy,
Keep on at this rate and the engine room guys will need to extend the post counter!
Once again, congratulations DBguy, and thanks - what more can be said iconfused.gif
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post Feb 10 2013, 11:00 PM

Posts: 149
Joined: 31-July 07
From: San Bernardino CA

Congratulations Thedbguy! woohoo.gif
It is truly great that you have reached this very important Milestone
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post Feb 11 2013, 07:21 AM

Posts: 335
Joined: 27-July 10

Congratulations sir!
would say its 45000 of very useful posts!
Keep it up.
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post Feb 11 2013, 10:27 AM

Posts: 127
Joined: 29-April 11

Congrats and Thanks. As a novice Access user, I have been helped/guided countless times by TheDbGuy.
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Jeff B.
post Feb 11 2013, 11:26 AM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 10,153
Joined: 30-April 10
From: Pacific NorthWet

BGG - (big green guy)
So, down to under two hours of sleep a night now? I still think you've cloned yourself repeatedly, the clones are doing all the work, and you're sipping pina coladas on the beach...
Congratulations and awe!
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post Feb 11 2013, 06:29 PM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 9,564
Joined: 23-May 05
From: Bethesda, MD USA

Congrads theDBguy!!!! tongue.gif tongue.gif
You know, I think you should create a database consisting of all the people you assisted. Then in the Table(s) have various Fields such as UtterAccessID, City, State, Country, etc. . Next create a few Queries showing how many people called that you helped each week for the past X years and show the results in Reports. :-)
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