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> Exporting From Access To Xml    
post Aug 14 2013, 01:47 PM

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I export some access table in format xml using a xsd schema: I used altova (mapforce professional) to transform these tables in proper lines of xml.
Oused xml version 1.0, the first I think. Now I have to generate documents in the new format version 2.1 for xml; do you know if my document written using xml 1.0 may be read from the program that expects a file written using xml 2.1?
The problem because Altova has not yet, I think, updated the program in order to produce documents in the new version of xml.
Do you know any software able to generate files xml version 2.1 from access tables?
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post Aug 15 2013, 05:12 PM

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Knowing little of XML, a qquick Google/Bing search tends to indicate ther is no "XML 2.1" or even an "XML 2.0" unless the word "Canonical" is used in the search. Which turns up Canonical XML Version 2.0 - for whatever that might be worth.
Typically, software tends to (or at least is the expectation of the user/developer) be somewhat backward compatible. Without any testing and just a bit of gazing over some of the articles in the Google/Bing search, I get the impression that an XML 2.0 system should still digest XML 1.0 input. At least one would hope. That may not be the case though. I know certain versions of PHP will not forward or backward compat their 'ibles'.
So, were I in your shoes, I'd do some back-ups and give 'er a go and see what happens. Such trial and error testing is what makes for a good developer and sometimes we just get lucky. Just need to watch out for the other side of that coin which results in utter failure.
Guess if I were to read up on Altova Mapforce Pro, I might get a better clue of what it does, how it interfaces to Access and what might be the potential of "rolling my own" XML generator.
Anyway, hope this helps hat_tip.gif
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