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> In Between Slide Numbers, Office 2010    
post Sep 27 2013, 03:11 PM

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Situation: I have a slide show, in which every slide is a song to be displayed on a screen for a group to sing. The slide numbers correspond to displayed song numbers, which are also the song numbers in a printed version of a song book. The slide numbers are convenient for the operator of the slide show to call up any song requested by the music leader.
Problem: some songs are too long to fit onto one slide.
The current solution is to add slides to the end of the slideshow with the extra verses, and the slideshow operator has to know which slide number to call up to get the remaining verses.
Is it possible to have slide numbers with an internal decimal number, like 141.2, so that song 141 is still 141, and song 142 is 142, but the operator can use the cursor to navigate to the next verses, and back for the chorus?
Odid experiment a little with altering the slide numbers, but that just changes the slide number that is displayed on the screen and not the number that has to be entered to bring up the intended slide.
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post Sep 27 2013, 03:53 PM

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Is this song book something that you are printing? If so, it might be easier to skip song numbers so that if song #5 is three slides long, then the next song in the book is song #8.
Otherwise, you will probably have to give up the "slide number equals the song number" concept and move on to something a little more sophisticated. Because this statement:
isn't really true. You have a slide show in which every slide is one PAGE of lyrics to one song.
I'm not an expert with PP by any stretch, but here's one simple strategy:
For each slide, have the song title at the top in this sort of format:
  Song [017]
I'm A Believer

Always use square braces around the song number.
Then, for the person who runs the slides, they can just use CTRL-F and type "[017]" to quickly jump to the approrpriate slide.
If you want to get fancy, you could create a UserForm that allows you to type in a song number, and then click a command button that does the same thing (searches the slides for the text and jumps to that slide).
Hope this helps,
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post Sep 30 2013, 08:06 AM

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Thanks, I'll give that at try.
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