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> Building A Fileserver, Any Version    
post Jan 24 2014, 02:00 PM

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so basically, what's the best way to build a fileserver where you just keep adding hard drives in the event that you max out your space?
o let's say you have a RAID5 and it's size is 10tb, when you're about to reach 10tb, you just buy more hard drives and add it to your current RAID5.
any ideas or samples i could look at?
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post Jan 24 2014, 02:58 PM

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R. Hicks
post Jan 24 2014, 03:05 PM

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I just placed a NAS unit on the network at work a couple of weeks ago ..
It is made by QNAP but I'm sure that there are many others out there that will do the same thing.
It has 8 - 2TB Enterprise grade hitachi hard drives that are configured using RAID 6 giving me 12TB of storage with a 2 drive redundancy.
Also the NAS contains it own operating system ...
It uses a form of Linux that has pre-installed applications to do almost anything you can imagine that you might need on a small to medium network.
It has a backup utility, an FTP can be simply turned on or off, if will provide DHCP if needed, it has an antivirus application, not to mention you can utilize Windows Domain security to handle the file sharing rights or it has the ability to set up your own users and user groups.
There are many other things that this NAS will do .. it's amazing.
.... and for 12TB of RAID 6 storage for less that $2500.00 (US) ... not a bad deal.
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post Apr 28 2014, 02:53 PM

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From: North Alabama

Following Mr. Hicks lead, I bought a NAS $145 with one 2tb drive. While it has been in production for only a week, it solved our lock-up problems (so far). We have 2 Window 7 Home version PCs and 3 XP PCs, all wired network (wireless died quickly). Prior to the NAS, one of the windows 7 desktops was acting as a file server for our access 2007 DB (5 FE on clients and 1 BE in shared folder). The connection to the desktop would stop (usually after 45 minutes or so) when the 4th and 5th would map their drive and open any file in the shared folder. Access did not seem to be involved.
Since Crashplan nor norton ghost would allow me to backup the NAS directly, I had to write a bat file to copy the BE to a spot on a desktop so it would be a backed up.
OThank you and our church thanks you. We didn't need to spend much to get this solved.
Bob, Athens, AL
FYI, I also was happy with the response with access when putting the BE on a USB drive in the port on my home router. Again, all wired connections. Church just bought network equipment and their router did not have a USB port.
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