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> Front End In Access And Back End In MySQL    
post Feb 11 2014, 01:46 PM

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From: romania, calarasi

Hi, all.
heard that it is possible to use access as a FE and MySQL as BE, hosted on my own domain.
Oneed to do this, because I need to host my databases on internet, and on the station to have access interfaces.
So, How can I do this?
Do I have to make another table in MySQL or my present tables can be imported?
With what software can I do all this?
Notice that I'm a newbie in MySQL, I know nothing of it so if my questions appear to be stupid, please be kind with me.
Can anybody help me?
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post Feb 11 2014, 02:08 PM

UtterAccess Editor
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From: Staten Island, NY, USA

It's possible and has been done before, though before you go too awfully far I'll just throw a quick note out there that SQL Server, if you can get an MS platform for hosting rather than Linux/MySQL, will have an overall easier time of it simply because the two have worked together so often in the past and there's a lot closer correlation.
With MySQL, there's no direct way that I'm aware of to port your existing tables. You'll have to re-create them in MySQL, but if you can get some DDL scripts for the current Access tables (not sure how offhand), it might not be too bad to modify them for MySQL. You'll connect using ODBC - you'll have to find the proper drivers and keep a close eye on data type mappings from one to the other.
The reason I suggest hosted SQL Server is because there is an upsizing wizard, there's a TON more documentation and examples of how to connect to it and it's common enough where drivers and documentation are much easier to find. You can subscribe to use a SQL Database from Azure for somewhere around $5-10/month provided you don't have massive amounts of data.
Just some food for thought... while I've worked with MySQL before, I don't have any direct experience with Access specifically.
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post Feb 11 2014, 03:42 PM

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From: Mexico

Hi mesersmith
If you have a shared hosting, also have problems connecting to your DB. The providers often block access to the database for application is remote. Usually only the BD configured for local access.
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post Jun 29 2015, 08:39 AM

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Mesersmith - I think you are light years ahead of me; but everyone needs to start somewhere (or so I've been told)
I've been using Access since the 1990's and currently using 07. I've also been using FrontPage2000 since 2000; and between the 2 I've created my website CountyRealty. The website is old, however it has never failed me since 2000.

That said, I'm reading that there are lots of cool tools that make slick websites, and one is Drupal. I don't know them, this is not a recommendation, simply "something" I'm considering that apparently "works". I say something because I don't know what it is, other than "a platform" whatever that really means. And if I purchase a set of templates, it should work. I've got my eye on Listing+, which would probably be the best money I've spent in a long time. (http://www.morethanthemes.com/?q=themes/listingplus fwiw) This will let me modernize from a website up to a new website and a product that will work with smartphones, tablets, and other modern products.

I digress........ Drupal apparently doesnt' want to work with Access; but it will work with MySQL. I read everywhere that Access can export to MySQL and that's all I really need - and just a few tables at that. I don't want or believe I need to export anything else besides tables because I don't want the website to "work" I just want it to display. The only "work" I want it to accomplish is to validate a login and let a user search/filter for properties that fit their limited criteria.

I don't know what MySQL is, yet alone how to "work it". I think I've downloaded everything, but as far as I can tell it only starts me off at a command prompt. I have no concept or idea of how to make my 15 year old database of almost 21,000 records work with Access on my desktop with an export to MySQL (wherever the heck it resides; be that my desktop, the web, microsoft.com - I have no idea where it is nor how to get there.) "Lost" is the understatement of the year!

What I have: I have a domain RealEstate2100.com parked at GoDaddy with nothing more than a name. GoDaddy supports Drupal. It would be cheap for me to activate this domain and use it as a complete makeover of CountyRealty, which I'm considering changing/converting/abandoning to RealEstate2100.com. I have Access2007 generating .mdb files that go back to 1993. I have not downloaded Drupal yet.

Here's the big laugh of the day: "How hard can this be?" lol.......... because my answer is ALWAYS a lot harder than it looks.

I can take this effort on in baby steps, but I don't know what steps to take or in what order. Any and all insights welcomed.

Admin - if this is the wrong forum, please let me know the most appropriate forum to post this in. :-)
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