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> Error 80020009 Accesing An Access 2000 Database From A Classic Asp Webpage    
post Jun 3 2014, 10:56 AM

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I am running a query from a classic asp webpage to a Microsoft Access 2000 database table to return a query of names and to perform a calculation. The database has been running for years, and all queries in the past have been succesful. All of a sudden the past few months, some of the names and calculations are displayed, the following error appears: error 80020009. On the bottom of the displayed query, a person's name is displayed, but the calculation field is not displayed; it is blank. The calculation feild is using a count option in classic asp, and is a text data type in Microsoft Access. As the error message never appeared until the last few months, this is very strange. I was able to find the records in Microsoft Access table (in my development environment) which was causing the errors for a specific month, but I don't want to have to delete the records in a production environment. If I run a SQL query in Microsoft Access, all of the records in a given month in the table (where the issues apepars) are fine, and no errors appear. I have exported and imported the Access table, but the 8002009 error still appears.
Has anyone experienced an issue like this? Does it sound like a classic asp coding issue, or an issue with the Microsoft Access 2000 database table itself.
I will post the asp classic code below.
Thanks for your assistance in advance.
<br />
<h1 class="main">CO Report</h1>
<hr class="main">
<form method="POST" action="os.asp" name="form2">
<p>Month to Query:&nbsp;
<select size="1" name="ddmonth">
dim i
for i = 1 to 12
if i = month(date) then
%> <option selected value="<%=i%>"><%=monthname(i)%></option>
<% 'select the current month
%> <option value="<%=i%>"><%=monthname(i)%></option>
end if
%></select> <select size="1" name="ddyear">
dim intyear
for intyear = 2001 to year(date)
response.write ("<option selected>" & intyear & "</option>")
%></select>&nbsp;&nbsp; <input type="submit" value="Query CS" name="btnQUERY"></p>
<hr /><br />
if request.form("btnQUERY") <> "" then
'display the table based on the selected month and year
'setup query
strConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=d:\store\stats\data\pros.mdb"
Set cnn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
cnn.Open strConn
'open the recordset
Set rstData = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rstDATA.open "SELECT * FROM [tv] ORDER BY toc", cnn, adOpenKeyset
<table border="1" width="100%" id="AutoNumber2" height="18" cellspacing="1">
<caption>CU-Out Results for <%=monthname(Request.form("ddmonth"))%>, <%=request.form("ddyear")%></caption>
<th>Officer's Name</th>
<th>Minutes Achieved - CUW</th>
<th>Net Minutes Worked (hours worked - exception)</th>
<th>% of Productivity</th>
<% 'set up date values
dim year2, day2, month2
year2 = Trim(Request.form("ddyear"))
month2 = Trim(Request.form("ddmonth"))
'open up the cuot data for the month
Set rstData1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'cuot
'open up the table to grab the names of those who entered data during that month selected
rstDATA1.open "SELECT DISTINCT [name] FROM cuot WHERE month(date)= '" & month2 & "' and year(date) ='" & year2 & "' ORDER BY [name]", cnn, adOpenKeyset
Set rstData3 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'hours worked
Set rstData4 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'exception
do until rstDATA1.eof = true
<% 'do the math calculations for minute achieved
Set rstData0 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'cuot
rstDATA0.open "SELECT count(toc) as COUNT1, toc FROM cuot WHERE [name] = '" & replace(rstDATA1("name"), "'", "''") & "' and month(date)= '" & month2 & "' and year(date) ='" & year2 & "' GROUP BY toc ORDER BY toc", cnn, adOpenKeyset
rstDATA.movefirst 'tv table to get "minutes achieved"
rstDATA0.movefirst 'cuot list
CUachieved = 0
do until rstDATA0.eof = true
'loop through rstDATA.toc until match found for rstDATA0.toc
do until trim(rstDATA("toc")) = trim(rstDATA0("toc"))
if rstDATA("per_day") <> "0" then CUachieved = cDBL(CUachieved) + (cDBL(rstDATA0("COUNT1"))/cDBL(rstDATA("per_day"))*450)
<% 'open up the hoursworked table
rstDATA3.open "Select * FROM monthlyhr WHERE [name] = '" & replace(rstDATA1("name"), "'", "''") & "' and month(date) ='" & month2 & "' and year(date) = '" & year2 & "'", cnn, adOpenKeyset
'should only ever be one record, so only check if there are no records
if rstDATA3.eof = true then
<% 'net minutes worked
<% '% of productivity
'open up the exception table
'get approved exception
rstDATA4.open "Select [name], sum(approval) as SUM1 from [exception] where [name] = '" & replace(rstDATA1("name"), "'", "''") & "' and month(date) ='" & month2 & "' and year(date) = '" & year2 & "' GROUP BY [name]", cnn, adOpenKeyset
if rstDATA4.eof = true then
exception2 = 0
exception2 = rstDATA4("sum1")
end if
'do the math for actual (hours worked + overtime - leave -exception)
hoursworked2 = (cDBL(rstDATA3("hours")) + cDBL(rstDATA3("ot")) - cDBL(rstDATA3("leave")) - cDBL(exception2))
'calculate percentage of csu+ops/minutes worked
percentTOTAL = ROUND(cDBL(CUachieved)/(cDBL(hoursworked2)*60)*100) 'percent
end if
rstDATA.close 'close all databases
set rstDATA = nothing
set rstDATA1 = nothing
set rstDATA3 = nothing
set rstDATA4 = nothing
set cnn=nothing
end if 'end query%>
<!-- InstanceEndEditable --></div>
<!-- End of div.blackborder -->
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Doug Steele
post Jun 3 2014, 06:54 PM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 21,988
Joined: 8-January 07
From: St. Catharines, ON (Canada)

Both the Month and Year functions return numeric values, not text. Try removing the quotes.
lternatively, try something like this (since the Format function returns a string):
"SELECT DISTINCT [name] FROM cuot WHERE Format(date, ""mmyyyy"")= '" & month2 & year2 & "' ORDER BY [name]"

You might consider renaming some of your fields. Name and Date are both reserved words, and using reserved words can lead to problems. For a comprehensive list of names to avoid (as well as a link to a free utility to check your application for compliance), check what Allen Browne has at Problem names and reserved words in Access
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post Jun 4 2014, 08:00 AM

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Joined: 3-June 14

Thank you for your suggestions. I will give this a try. Appreciate the help.
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post Jun 12 2014, 10:01 AM

Posts: 3
Joined: 3-June 14

I was able to resolve the Microsoft Access error message. In my coding, there is a connection to a 2nd database which lists headings. A few months ago I created new headings, and because I wanted them to appear all the top of the row, I indented them by adding a space. Once I removed the sapce for all of the new headings, the error message for the past few months disappeared, and the reports displayed perfectly.
Thank you to everyone for your suggestions.
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