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> Automatically Copy New Access Front End For Your Users With A Simple Batch File, Any Version    
post Jun 19 2014, 06:51 PM

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Hello all. I just wanted to share my solution for this with everyone. I have spent the last several hours researching a viable solution to this problem. I have read about batch files and VB Script. I have read about different ways to check to see if the front end has been updated and if it has, then copy it. It turns out that is totally unnecessary unless your network is super slow. All you need to do is
tore your Updated Front End in a folder that is accessible by all who will be using your database. For us it is \\ServerName\Timekeeping\Timekeeper
Store your back-end in a folder that is accessible by all. It could be the same folder.
Store your batch file in a folder that is accessible by all.
You may choose to hide these files but anyone who has show hidden files turned on can see them.
Create a shortcut to the folder on the users desktop or whereever they want. What I did was create the shortcut to the full path, not the mapped network drive. Then I can email the shortcut out to all of the users and no matter what drive letter they have assigned to the network folder, the shortcut still works. Now, when you click the shortcut it invokes the batch file which will simply copy the front end from the network folder where you always keep your newest front end to the users Desktop or My Documents or where ever. Then the batch file starts the Access Database.
THere is my batch file which works well for me.
echo off
xcopy \\ServerName\Timekeeping\Timekeeper\FinancialMgmtAcctSys\FinancialMgmtAcctSystem.accdb %USERPROFILE%\Documents /y /d
Start %USERPROFILE%\Documents\FinancialMgmtAcctSystem.accdb

The y says to always overwrite, otherwise it will prompt the user. The d says that the target is a Directory and not a File. We don't want it to create a file named Documents.
Name the batch file Whatever.bat. When you create the shortcut to your batch file, if you right click the shortcut, you can create a custom icon if you don't like the gear before you email the shortcut out to your users.
The benefits of doing things this way is:
you can update the front end anytime you want because no one is ever using the file that users are copying.
No 2 users are ever using the same front end.
Users will always have the latest update.
You only have to update one file for your users.
You never have to interrupt a user to give them the latest version of your database.
Hopefully this will save you hours of research.
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