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> Autoupdater Demo - Changed Objects Only, Access 2010    
post Jul 13 2015, 01:53 PM

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This demo is another Autoupdater utility, but with a twist. This one is meant to only include objects that are new/changed in a database file, not the whole frontend. So, if you have a large frontend and you only make a couple of minor changes to one form and one code module, you can update those objects in the frontend with code built into this demo, rather than sending a big replacement frontend file. The demo also handles removing objects from the frontend, if necessary, so if three reports are replaced with one new one, that sort of thing is easy to handle.

The basic process for the admin: A form lets you list the changes you want to make; Additions, Removals, and Replacements of Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros and Code Modules. If you want to add/replace one or more of these in your frontend file, add the new/changed objects from your development frontend file into the Updater file, and add the changes you want to the list of changes. The list is re-sortable with simple buttons, in case you need certain updates to be performed before others. Set the version numbers (the version of the frontend you are changing, and what version it will become after the changes are done) in a table, Compact & Repair, and send the Updater file to the end user via E-Mail or some other method. The Updater should be much smaller than the frontend since it only contains objects that will be added to the client's frontend file.

The basic process for the end user: Open the Updater file, and push the button that says "Perform Updates". The user will then be prompted to browse to, and select the local frontend to be updated. Then, after the version number is verified, the updates are performed with VBA code. The user is informed that the updates are complete, and they can now open the updated frontend.

There are more detailed instructions included in the demo, which also includes a sample frontend file. The VBA code is fairly straightforward, and is commented thoroughly to explain what's happening at each step of the process.

The demo has minimal security (it hides the Navigation Pane, and hides the individual update steps from non-admins), so if you are worried about your client "breaking in" to anything, you'll want to add more. Also, there's minimal error checking, so you will have to add your own for things like the user selecting a database file that isn't meant to be updated in this manner.

The demo includes code from The Access Web for using the Windows browser, as well as identifying the network login name for the current user (to determine if the user is an Admin that is allowed to edit the updates).

Hope you find this useful!


Version 1.3
EDIT: Updated the demo to replace API-based functions with non-API versions.
EDIT: Updated the demo again to remove one last subroutine with references to the API stuff.
EDIT: Updated the demo once more to make the form's "change the sort order" code more portable.
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