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> Access Form Resizer - Dynamically Move/grow Controls For Great Forms At Any Resolution., Any Version    
post May 13 2016, 05:40 AM

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Windows runs on a wide variety of resolutions so deciding which to target has always been an issue with Access forms. Small forms look bad on large monitors and large forms don't fit on small laptop screens and require lots of user-unfriendly scrolling.

With the Anchor feature introduced in Access 2007 you can make controls move and stretch, but the control over this is quite limited, for example, you can't make two controls that sit side-by-side both take advantage of increased horizontal screen real-estate, the best you can do is have one stretch and one move.

With this Access resizer code you can make two (or three or four or more) controls share the additional space by specifying precisely how each should stretch or move in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

It is very simple to add this code to your project - just add the two modules in the attached zip file, add a couple of lines of standard code to each form and then specify the 'move' and 'grow' factors you want to apply in the Tag property of the relevant controls. There are no API calls and the solution should work on versions of Access from 2000 up to 2016 at any resolution and DPI scaling.

The easiest way to implement your 'responsive' forms is to design your form to the smallest size you expect it to be used and then set the tag properties of controls so that they will move/grow proportionately however large the form is resized.

The code includes an example form so please download and take a quick look - it is much easier to understand when viewed in action than explained in text!
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