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> Pop3 To Imaphowe, Office 2013    
post May 24 2017, 12:11 PM

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I have today switched hosting companies for my website and email.

I have successfully created a new Outlook account of david@********.co.UK using the IMAP settings provided. This is fine, but now in Outlook I now have an email account david@********.co.UK which is the OLD POP3 account with some 14000 ish emails in my inbox (I know I need to have a tidy up!!!!!) and another one david@********.co.UK(1) which is the new IMAP one with 9 emails in it.

Is it possible for me to continue adding to the inbox with the 14000 ish emails using the new IMAP account settings? I looked at the account settings, but could see that where I would change from POP3 to IMAP it is greyed out.

Just to get a bit of guidance on POP vs IMAP too please. Am I right in thinking that I can effectively operate them in the same way? Up till now I downloaded all emails to my laptop leaving a copy on the server and automatically deleting them off the server after 14 days. With the IMAP account If I set it to delete emails after 1 month I would roughly be doing the same thing. I can't really see the point of having all my emails for the last x number of years stored on a server somewhere when they are downloaded to my laptop and backed up to a mirrored NAS drive or am I missing something??


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post May 24 2017, 12:50 PM

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Pop collects email from the server and depending on the settings, then removes it from the server so effectively removing it from the server and transferring it to your PC/Laptop

You can choose to keep copy on server and even for a set amount of days, but basically POP accounts put the email physically on the device that connects to it.

IMAP generally works the other way, you generally wouldn't have the email physically transferred to your device, instead it stays on the server. It is then therefore, available for multi device connection to see the same emails.

There are quite a few options for getting your Old Pop inbox mails into your new Imap inbox, try first of all dragging from one inbox to the other, see how you get along with that. But I'm pretty sure you can't convert a POP account to an Imap account as they differ in their operation.

Hope that helps
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