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> Access Data Exporting To Word, Access 2016    
post Sep 6 2017, 03:15 AM

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I really some help here. This is a first time project for me, I have no experience with VBA or access, but so far I've been managing ok (with alot of help from info I found on this site)

So, what I have is an access database made up of a few tables and a form and some sub forms. The database info gets inputted to the tables via a form that I've created. In the example, the form is called "Database". This form exports to a word document (when you click the ExportToWord button), fields on the database go to bookmarks on the word doc. This works great so far.

In the attachment there is a "template" folder with the original word document, when the code runs it saves the completed form to the "generated" folder - works like a charm. Its a very long form for applications for liquor licenses.

So you fill in the form in access, it saves to the tables and exports the data to the word template document.

The problem that I have is that there is a subform on tab8 of the form where "director details" are saved. There can be any number of directors per application. I've managed to access the data on the subform's table, but have no idea how to loop through the data in that table to get all the information that is applicable to that application only and not data related to other applications. There is a relationship between the director details table and the application details table(this is the main table) and I'm using an application identifier field that I've created called and "ACNumber" which is unique to each application. There is a combobox on the form that selects the application and the form and subforms bring up the correct data when you select it.

The other part of the problem is how do I output this to word? A bookmark won't work, because all the fields are being repeated. Is there a way that all the data entries can be outputted to a single bookmark (mabe in a textbox)... (with the labels???)

This is how it looks on the word document form:
(First person)
Full name : [ generate from item 5.4(a) from database]
Physical address : [ generate from item 5.4(b) from database]
Postal code : [ generate from item 5.4© from database]
Postal address : [ generate from item 5.4(d) from database]
Postal code : [ generate from item 5.4(e) from database]
Identity number : [ generate from item 5.4(f) from database]

(More person’s to add if needed)

Ok, I hope that describes my problem accurately.

Below is the code that I'm using: (the loop for the subform doesn't work, but one entry from that table is exported to the bookmarks currently in place)
I've tried all sorts to get this working, but its beyond me, please help guys!!!


Private Sub ExportToWord_Click()

'Print customer slip for current customer.
Dim appWord As Word.Application
Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim drst As Recordset
Set drst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(Name:="62 Other Interests", Type:=RecordsetTypeEnum.dbOpenDynaset)
'Avoid error 429, when Word isnt open.
On Error Resume Next
'Set appWord object variable to running instance of Word.
Set appWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
'If Word isnt open, create a new instance of Word.
Set appWord = New Word.Application
End If
Set doc = appWord.Documents.Open("C:\forms\templates\Form 3 - Sec 36(1).docx", , True)
With doc
.Bookmarks("wAppTradingNames").Range.Text = Nz(Me!AppTradingName, "")
.Bookmarks("wAppTradingName").Range.Text = Nz(Me!AppTradingName, "")
.Bookmarks("wCompanyName").Range.Text = Nz(Me!CompanyName, "")
.Bookmarks("wCompanyNumber").Range.Text = Nz(Me!CompanyNumber, "")
.Bookmarks("wRAddress1").Range.Text = Nz(Me!RAddress1, "")
.Bookmarks("wPostalCode").Range.Text = Nz(Me!PostalCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wRPostalAddress1").Range.Text = Nz(Me!RPostalAddress1, "")
.Bookmarks("wRPostalCode").Range.Text = Nz(Me!RPostalCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wDomicilium1").Range.Text = Nz(Me!Domicilium1, "")
.Bookmarks("wDomiciliumCode").Range.Text = Nz(Me!DomiciliumCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wDomAfter1").Range.Text = Nz(Me!DomAfter1, "")
.Bookmarks("wDomAfterCode").Range.Text = Nz(Me!DomAfterCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wTelOffice").Range.Text = Nz(Me!TelOffice, "")
.Bookmarks("wTelCell").Range.Text = Nz(Me!TelCell, "")
.Bookmarks("wTelHome").Range.Text = Nz(Me!TelHome, "")
.Bookmarks("wFaxNumber").Range.Text = Nz(Me!FaxNumber, "")
.Bookmarks("wEmail").Range.Text = Nz(Me!Email, "")
.Bookmarks("wFIP").Range.Text = Nz(Me!FIP, "")
.Bookmarks("wAppLicCat").Range.Text = Nz(Me!AppLicCat, "")
.Bookmarks("wLiqourType").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LiqourType, "")
.Bookmarks("wAppTradingName").Range.Text = Nz(Me!AppTradingName, "")
.Bookmarks("wAppTradingName").Range.Text = Nz(Me!AppTradingName, "")
.Bookmarks("wLPAddress").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LPAddress, "")
.Bookmarks("wErfNumber").Range.Text = Nz(Me!ErfNumber, "")
.Bookmarks("wLPPostalCode").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LPPostalCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wLPOwnership").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LPOwnership, "")
.Bookmarks("wLPOwnersName").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpOwnersName, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpOwnerAddress").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpOwnerAddress, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpRightOccupation").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpRightOccupation, "")
.Bookmarks("wLPOccDuration").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LPOccDuration, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpPremNotErected").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpPremNotErected, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpPremAlterReq").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpPremAlterReq, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpPremAllGood").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpPremAllGood, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpBuildCommence").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpBuildCommence, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpBuildDuration").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpBuildDuration, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpTradingHours").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpTradingHours, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpRenewal").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpRenewal, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpJobsa").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpJobsa, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpJobsB").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpJobsB, "")
.Bookmarks("wLpJobsC").Range.Text = Nz(Me!LpJobsC, "")
.Bookmarks("wNNPRegName").Range.Text = Nz(Me!NNPRegName, "")
.Bookmarks("wNNPRegNumber").Range.Text = Nz(Me!NNPRegNumber, "")
.Bookmarks("wNNPRegDate").Range.Text = Nz(Me!NNPRegDate, "")
.Bookmarks("wOtherInterests").Range.Text = Nz(drst!OtherInterests, "")
.Visible = True
End With

Dim rst As Recordset: Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(Name:="5 Director Details", Type:=RecordsetTypeEnum.dbOpenDynaset)
'Do While Not rst.EOF
With doc
.Bookmarks("wPersonLabel").Range.Text = Nz(rst!PersonLabel, "")
.Bookmarks("wFullName").Range.Text = Nz(rst!FullName, "")
.Bookmarks("wPhAddress").Range.Text = Nz(rst!PhAddress, "")
.Bookmarks("wPhCode").Range.Text = Nz(rst!PhCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wPAddress").Range.Text = Nz(rst!PAddress, "")
.Bookmarks("wPCode").Range.Text = Nz(rst!PCode, "")
.Bookmarks("wIdNumber").Range.Text = Nz(rst!IdNumber, "")
.Visible = True
End With

doc.SaveAs2 "C:\forms\generated\" & Me!ACNumber & "_Form 3 - Sec 36(1).docx"
Set doc = Nothing
Set appWord = Nothing
Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description

End Sub

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