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> Do I Make Downloaded Code Fit My Naming Convention?, Any Version    
post Nov 17 2017, 02:38 AM

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Joined: 3-May 17
From: France

I am using some downloaded code which has copyright instructions to use "without alteration".
If I use this code, I have to introduce an exception to my naming convention so it doesn't apply to third party code with instructions for use "without alteration".

For third party code which allows modification, is it worth the effort to refactor names to fit my own convention?
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post Nov 17 2017, 03:43 AM

UtterAccess VIP
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Joined: 19-January 12
From: Denmark, Copenhagen

Note that many copyright instructions specify that the copyrights instructions are not to be altered, the same might not apply to the code.

If it is reasonably simple to make it conform to my own naming standards, then I prefer to do that. But sometimes the code might be several hundreds line of code, or the budget might not be there, and in those cases, I usually name the module with "ext_...." to indicate it is an external module.
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post Nov 17 2017, 04:36 AM

Posts: 509
Joined: 26-May 15
From: The middle of Germany

If the 3rd party code is used as a "black box" e.g. a class module that just does its thing and you do not need to look inside once you verified its functionality, I would leave it as is.

If you need to adapt the 3rd party code to suit your requirements, I would probably rewrite it to match you naming conventions.
Copyright limitations to use provided source code without alterations are somewhat weird. That would prevent you from adjusting the code to your requirements or fix any bugs you might find. - Frankly, I would simply ignore them.
But don't get me wrong. I do not suggest removing or altering the copyright notice itself. That is an entirely different matter. If you modify the code you should add a notice to the copyright text, mentioning that you altered the code and the original author is not responsible for any errors you might have introduced into the code.
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post Nov 17 2017, 05:18 AM

UtterAccess VIP
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Joined: 6-December 03
From: Telegraph Hill

If you are happy using the code and don't need to change its functionality then you can always just write wrapper functions to call the dl'd code and use your own naming conventions. eg.
' Copyright - leave code unaltered

Function original_func(UnHelPfulinPutNamE As String BinaryChoice As Boolean) As Boolean

  ' Code as downloaded

End Function

' Then write your own wrapper
Function fUsefulName(strArg1 As String, blArg2 As Boolean) As Boolean

  fUsefulName = original_func(strArg1, blArg2)

End Function

If you want to make modifications you can always add a comment in your code like:
' Based on code found here: http://www.UtterAccess.com/forum/index.php?act=Post&CODE=02&f=54&t=2046372&qpid=2664944
Function ... etc

That way, if anyone else comes across your code later they can follow to see the original inspiration and attribution.


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post Nov 17 2017, 05:59 AM

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Joined: 26-December 12
From: Western Ma.,L.I.,N.Y.,Jupiter,Fl.

Great question Jaiket.
I just came across some code which states its free to use provided clear credit is made about the origin of the code and a link to the authors site is
prominently displayed and available to the end user.
Obviously I wouldn't want an end user to have access to the module itself but I do want to give credit where credit is due.
My thoughts were to include a label somewhere stating "Copyright Information" and have it open a form listing any credits due.
This seems to me to be a reasonable method to comply with the authors wishes. Any thoughts?
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