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post Dec 23 2017, 02:46 PM

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Hello Joe,

here is my design query for my rpt_MR print output.

SELECT tbl_MR.MRID, tbl_MR.MRDate, tbl_MR.ProjectName, tbl_MR.ProjectNo, tbl_MR.DLocation, tbl_MR.DDate, tbl_MR.PBName, tbl_MR.QuoteRef, tbl_MR.QuoteDate, tbl_MR.GLAccount, tbl_MR.SupplierName, tbl_MRDetails.ItemID, tbl_MRDetails.ItemCodeSys, tbl_MRDetails.ItemCodeStr, tbl_MRDetails.ItemName, tbl_MRDetails.ItemCatID, tbl_MRDetails.ItemTypID, tbl_MRDetails.ItemLoc, tbl_MRDetails.ItemUnit, tbl_MRDetails.MRQty, tbl_MRDetails.Remarks, tbl_MR.PBDate, tbl_MR.Note, tbl_MRDetails.MRDetailsID, tbl_MRDetails.MRDetailsID, tbl_MR.PBTitle, tbl_MR.MRNo, tbl_MR.PriorityID, tbl_MRDetails.Rate, tbl_MRDetails.Total, tbl_MRDetails.LevelCode, tbl_MR.Curcode, tbl_MR.Discount, tbl_MR.AppMR, tbl_MRDetails.DeliveryTime, tbl_MR.ApprovedBy, tbl_MR.PBNameDT, tbl_MR.MRDateDT, tbl_MR.EmailApproval, tbl_MR.PBCode, tbl_MRDetails.DNRef
FROM tbl_MR LEFT JOIN tbl_MRDetails ON tbl_MR.MRID = tbl_MRDetails.MRID;

how to apply that extra line here... i added your extra line table in my table. , it would be great if i can run like this in VBA code, coz sometime i am adding IF condition on command print.

Please help.

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post Dec 24 2017, 06:56 PM

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See your other, parallel, thread for my response to your issue.

Let's stop this thread, since responses are in the other thread now.


"Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems."
"You just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made. But I just kept pushing."

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