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> Split Database Without Admin Privileges, Access 2010    
post Nov 29 2017, 10:43 AM

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There's no maintenance for you. The script does everything. This is the common, best practice approach. The only thing you ever have to do with this type of setup is update a single master copy on the server, the script automatically distributes/updates it when executed. So you have 1 file to manage.

When you install office, every user must install it on every machine/profile they use. Same with pretty much every application.

You can do what you propose and set up folders on the server, but once again every user will need to open there email to remember where it is, no different that the launching script. This type of setup adds the same load to the network as the file is still being accessed over the network, so you're not gaining there either. With this setup you have to manage a file in every user folder. Another potential for problems is the fact that 2 people could try and open the same FE file (go into the wrong folder and try opening someone else's FE while they were already using it) and then they risk corrupting it. Lastly, if there ever is any problem with the FE, you will have to manually replace/update it.

Both will work, but there are notable advantages to option 1, and it is a best practice, and the file is run locally rather than over the network.
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