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> Start Fifo Pricing, Access 2013    
post Nov 28 2017, 07:24 PM

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Trying to figure out how to use FIFO for my database. I need every debit transaction to have a FIFO pricing (No weight avg).

I have a TransactionCD2 table with the following fields (TransactionID (PK), TransactionDate, ProductID, ProductName, Credit, Debit, UnitPrice)

Then I created a query called qryRunningBalance2 with the following fields (ItemID, ProductID, ProductName, TransactionDate, Credit, Debit, Balance)

The qryRunningBalance2 has the following SQL

SELECT T1.[ItemID], T1.ProductID, T1.ProductName, T1.TransactionDate, T1.Credit, T1.Debit, SUM(T2.Credit-T2.Debit) AS Balance
FROM TransactionCD2 AS T1 INNER JOIN TransactionCD2 AS T2 ON (T2.TransactionID<=T1.TransactionID Or T2.TransactionDate<>T1.TransactionDate) AND (T2.TransactionDate<=T1.TransactionDate) AND (T2.[ItemID]=T1.[ItemID])
GROUP BY T1.[ItemID], T1.ProductID, T1.ProductName, T1.TransactionDate, T1.TransactionID, T1.Credit, T1.Debit
ORDER BY T1.[ItemID], T1.TransactionDate DESC , T1.TransactionID DESC;
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Doug Steele
post Nov 28 2017, 10:10 PM

UtterAccess VIP
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From: St. Catharines, ON (Canada)

Did you have a question?

I'm wondering about the first part of the ON clause for your join. (T2.TransactionID<=T1.TransactionID Or T2.TransactionDate<>T1.TransactionDate). The fact that you're using OR seems a little unusual. Perhaps you can explain what it is you're trying to accomplish.
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post Nov 28 2017, 10:18 PM

Access Wiki and Forums Moderator
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From: SunnySandyEggo

Hi bradyman,

Welcome to UtterAccess!

It might also help if you could post a sample data table.
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post Nov 29 2017, 06:41 AM

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Joined: 3-November 17

My question is: How can I get the Ext Amount to calculate correctly because of the different unit price

TransactionDate    ProductID       ProductName        Credit    Debit     Unit Price      Balance     Ext Amount
3/13/2017          2150-0001       APPLESAUCE             37        0          24.73           37            
3/20/2017          2140-0001       APPLES                 52        0          27.37           52
3/27/2017          2140-0001       APPLES                 43        0          30.10           43
3/27/2017          2150-0001       APPLESAUCE             48        0          26.32           48
3/29/2017          2140-0001       APPLES                  0      103           0.00            8
3/29/2017          2150-0001       APPLESAUCE              0       84           0.00            1

I'm not sure why. I watched a Youtube video and change to my info and it worked for my running balance
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