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> Design Logic Help Needed, Access 2010    
post Dec 6 2017, 08:44 AM

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We have a complicated "Point" system regarding employee absences. It's only complicated because management makes it so. smirk.gif

Employees having unexcused absences get Points assigned. After an accumulation of X number of points, they get a written warning. When an employee reaches the magic number of 24 points, they are terminated.

Management implemented this new point policy on 11/1/2017 and everyone employed on that date has to go until 11/1/2018 without an accumulation of more than 4 points in order to earn a "Free" paid day off. Employees hired after 11/1/2017, start on their hire date. Points disappear from Employee's totals 1 year after the date the point was given. In other words, if I got a point on 11/2/2017, that point would not be counted in my total as of 11/3/2018.

Warnings need to be given when the accumulated points total 12, 16, 20 and 24 (Termination). The Absence table consists of:

EmpID (FK)
AbsentDate (Date)
AbsentReasonID (FK)
AbsentHours (Number--total number of hours absent)
AbsentPoints (Number--Point(s))

I need a way to generate warnings at the above intervals. Once the employee receives a warning, they can't receive another warning until they reach the next threshold. This is where I am stuck. How would you tackle this?

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