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> Conditional Formatting Access Chart, Access 2016    
post Feb 12 2018, 09:15 AM

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The enclosed picture shows a form in my database that pulls information together from multiple sources.

The tabs at the bottom left show different measures that are tracked over time, with graphs on the first three tabs for Milestone changes (%age indicators), Budget Burndown and Timesheet Tracking.

For the Timesheet chart, the chart starts at the value of 'Budget (Hours)' and then plots how much of that budget has been spent, cumulatively, over time using the sum [Budget (hours)]-[Total Time Logged]

For some records, as this one shows, the amount of time logged against a project exceeds the budget - so when the line in the graph dips below 0, I want it to turn red.

Given this is an Access Chart object (OLE Class Microsoft Graph Chart - MSGrpah.Chart.8), can you easily apply this type of conditional formatting, in realtime?

The SQL for the graph is very easy:

SELECT qry_TimeLogged.Week, qry_TimeLogged.[Time Remaining] FROM qry_TimeLogged;

qry_TimeLogged SQL:

SELECT tbl_ProjectCore.[Project Id], tbl_ProjectCore.[Budget (Hours)], tbl_ProjectTrackingData.Week, [budget (Hours)]-[Total Time Logged] AS [Time Remaining]
FROM tbl_ProjectCore LEFT JOIN tbl_ProjectTrackingData ON tbl_ProjectCore.[Project Id] = tbl_ProjectTrackingData.[Project Id];

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post Mar 3 2018, 06:55 AM

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From: .....the wiregrass (either you know or you don't)

I have not seen any feature to change the color of a series line mid-path. But what you can do is stop the series plot when it passes your setpoint and start up another plot of different color at the same point. The program treats it as a separate plot series but the eye will see it as the same one when it is displayed. That seems like the best work around until they make rich-text charts.

Kindest regards, and Cheers!

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post Mar 8 2018, 03:27 AM

Posts: 86
Joined: 25-March 10
From: St Albans, UK

Thanks Zaxbat - given the way the data is prepared, it's not so easy to achieve, but the idea is a good one.

I'll put that on the pile of 'Nice to have' and focus on the more important tasks for now.

Thanks for the response,

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