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> .display Email Before Sending Stuck In Outbox, Access 2016    
post Feb 13 2018, 07:37 AM

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I cannot believe my issue is giving me this much of a problem but I am completely baffled and have been stuck for 3 days... any help is so greatly appreciated... and needed...!

I have dozens of emails I send from Access through my Outlook Exchange account. They have worked perfectly for years but they recently stopped working...

Many of the emails I must .Display so I can add additional information to the body before I send it... When I .Display the message and then send it by clicking the Send button, it gets stuck in Outlook's Outbox and it won't go out until I Open Outlook and perform a Send/Receive.

I have noticed quite a few other users have experienced this same issue but there is no clear solution and nothing I have tried has worked...

I have uninstalled Office, Ran Office Repair tools, I have made sure all my lib references are set in both Outlook and Access, I have Ran Repair tools to make sure the correct account and license is connected, I have Unchecked Cached Exchange Mode, I have Checked Send Immediately when Connected, I have tried late binding, early binding, I disabled Ad-Ins, I removed Ad-Ins, I have stripped my email code down to a bare bones basic email (the code is below) and it still gets stuck...!!!

I am sure it is such a simple little tweek but I just cannot figure this out... It is probably going to kill me to find out how to fix this issue and I should've reached out two days ago but I'm a little stubborn and kept thinking the answer is just around the corner...

I really need somebody to please enlighten me as to what the [censored] is going on...!!????!!?!??!

Private Sub Simplebtn_Click()

Dim oApp As Outlook.Application
Dim oMail As MailItem

    Set oApp = CreateObject("Outlook.application")
    Set oMail = oApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)

        With oMail
         .Body = "Body of the email"
         .Subject = "Simple Email"
         .To = "info@myemailaddress.com"
        End With

Set oMail = Nothing
Set oApp = Nothing

End Sub
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post Feb 13 2018, 08:52 AM

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Joined: 25-April 14

in DISPLAY mode, it is waiting for the person to do something...send it or save it.

you can:
    .Display false

this saves it to the DRAFT and should keep moving.
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post Feb 13 2018, 09:31 AM

Posts: 330
Joined: 19-July 12

Thank you for your reply...

I need to Display the message so I can edit it... After I edit it I click the send button on the message window and "Sends it" and it closes the message window but it just gets stuck in the outbox...

If I Remove .Display and put .Send it will send the message but I have to be able to edit the message content and view the final message before sending...
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post Feb 16 2018, 11:53 AM

Posts: 330
Joined: 19-July 12

Does anyone have any suggestions...? I am still working on a solution and still haven't gotten any closer...

One thing I have noticed is that when I send mail from outlook directly it also is going to the outbox for a few seconds...

I know this is more of an outlook question but does anyone know if this is standard for outlook...? Do all messages sent from outlook go to the outbox first...?


Another thing I just noticed... If I send an email from Access and first I .Display the email then click send.... and before I open outlook I send another email from Access where I do not .Display it but just .Send it... Then both the emails are sent...
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