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> What do you use Microsoft Access for?    
post Jan 4 2007, 09:45 PM

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From: Michigan

Simple to moderately complex applications for work (before I retired) myself, family and small business acquaintainces. Most recently developed a player/registration application for the Michigan Thumb Area kids athletic league, which my daughter administers for fun. This is the characteristic application for which Access was created: players, parents, teams, coaches, schedules, sponsors, advertisers, uniforms, equipment, multiple sports, 100 specialized reports and forms, several tough queries, lots of automation including realtime Saturday morning registration for 50 kids, fee collection and management. A really fun project for me, including user documentation.
also proved to myself that remote Access development is perfectly viable. My daughter lives 60 miles away, and we exchanged evolving requirements and evolving code via email and phone over the 3 month development period.
HAs an Access devotee, now retired and with time available, I would do projects and or assist on a cost plus basis because it is a hobby for me. Surely there are those who need database solutions, often without knowing it and perhaps daunted by the fear of high cost. Over the years I have helped many acquaintances find the right approach just by knowing when and how to apply DBMS.
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post Feb 20 2007, 11:04 AM

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I use Access strictly as a utility for reading, matching up and/or merging either text or Excel files (or both), and then exporting the results (usually to Excel.)
It is fabulous at telling me which records do not exist in both of 2 datasets. And using Link Specs allows me to take a very long text file and export it perfectly to Excel time and again while only having to set up the columns for importing or linking just the first time.
And it allows me to write short adhoc queries against our Production database tables so that I don't tie things up over there, and then to put them all together into a single dataset via Access linking them all together and then exporting the results.
Very cool!
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post Mar 27 2007, 10:25 AM

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I have used Access over many years mainly for personal databases for example.
One of my hobbies is genealogy and I have an access database of all towns villages and cities in England, Wales and Scotland and I'm just building one for all of Ireland.
Oalso use access to keep control of all the junk mail I get. I mail the sender asking them to remove me from all their mailing lists and databases and if they still persist I threaten them with action under the (UK) data protection act giving them exact details as to when I asked them to remove my name. As a result I've gone from getting at least 5 or 6 of these irritating letters a day down to about 1 a month. Try it yourself it means you only get mail that you want and not lots of annoying sales tripe.
I love access and at the moment I'm building a database of all my jazz records with details of bands performers etc.
I'm sure I'll find other uses for it but I'll also be investigating MySQL for online stuff.
Keep smiling laugh.gif
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post Jun 29 2007, 07:02 AM

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Joined: 26-June 07
From: South Africa

We use ADPs connecting to MS SQL only (both SQL 2000 and 2005 is supported).
He have a full ERP solution for our non-profit organization. It has one main ADP, and 22 child ADPs. There are about 2,000 forms and reports in these ADPs. In the SQL database we have 1,500 Tables, 1,000 views and 7,000 Stored Procedures. It is installed in our branches in 120 countries of the world. The UI is translatable, and we have a full Spanish version and limited translations in many languages like German, Japanese, etc. Branches can add their own translated text. We have mangaged to develop very tight security on the ADPs. We probably have around 4,000 users around the world using this software. In the one of the larger branches we have hundreds of installed users with about 300 users logged on concurrently.
No, its not for sale (nor free). It just proves the power of ADPs as a development tool (and we hope Microsoft does not ever ditch it). Using Access relieves the developer from intricate developer language issues and long discussions about user interface options. He can concentrate on the business needs.
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post Jul 2 2007, 11:58 AM

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Joined: 2-July 07

I used Access since 1993, today I'm use Access 2007 and I'm very glad about the current Access Developer Extensions and the Access Runtime will be free but I'm disappointed because its not ready the Runtime yet.
I use access to develop accounting and administrative tasks like:
- Payroll
- School Control with calendars and time sheets.
- Invoicing
- Taxes
- Production and costs systems
- Logistics
- Registerings systems in conventions, congress, expos etc.
I consider Access very versatil and very fast to develop sirius database applications, as access developer I mainly focus on the logic of the bussines not only in the complex programming with toos like C# or VB. The simple things always be better.
Ricardo Sanchez Rodriguez
México City
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post Aug 8 2007, 10:34 AM

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Ostarted to use it when Office XP came out, and I discovered that I could use it (and a purchased active X control) to generate barcodes as we needed them. That opened the way to solve a business problem, and I hav'nt looked back!
I work in a multi-site manufacturing company, and we use access based "departmental apps" to solve a number of versatility issues that we have with the corporate systems (they are not versatile!)
now have all these in operation...
- an application on 10 heat treatment lines (in UK and Belarus) generating labels and capturing output data...
- another application creating shipping data for customers, drawing from the same database...
(Both the above draw data from an AS400 system via ODBC linked tables)
- one that generates production order documentation in Russian for the Belarus plant
- one that manipulates quite big volumes of raw sales and stock data, transforming it into an SQL database ready for reporting and Data Cube creation.
- one that manpulates raw data from an RFID access control system to produce reports
- one that we use for managing maintenance requests on the shop floor
- and my latest creation builds on the wonderful Phidgets interface kits, capturing a host of real-time machine data, and feeding back performance data to operators and management alike. I'm especially proud of this one.
In many ways, it's a shame we have had to resort to home grown solutions, but I'm really pleased to have had the opportunity to solve real problems, and to help to improve productivity!
In addition to all the above, I regularly turn to Access to handle large scale ad-hoc data manipulation tasks, and complex simulations that Excel cannot handle very well.
I have just started to look at Access 2007, especially the runtime edition.
This sounds like an absolute blessing, and we are making our first live experiment (with one of the above apps, converted to 2007) tomorrow.
Best regards, Dave
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post Oct 1 2007, 11:45 AM

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I use Access as a front end to manage and manipulate data which is stored in SQL databases on a SQL server.
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post Oct 4 2007, 10:47 AM

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Joined: 4-October 07
From: SE Wisconsin, USA

My main job is teaching co-workers to use the MS Office products - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
I've been using Access since the late 1980s / early 90s - used Paradox first. I helped develop a corprate travel data management system which I then went on the road and trained the customer on how to us it.
I've gone from developing to training to support, back to developing, back to support and finally, now, I'm back in training (which is what I love).
Ohelp co-workers develop databases in Access to help them with their jobs. Most of the projects are small, single user projects. I try to teach the users DB skills as I help them create their programs.
I use Access for many personal projects. My husband and I do pet photography and I created the DB we use to track customers and their photo orders.
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post Nov 22 2007, 05:41 PM

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Joined: 5-June 04
From: Virginia

I support an office of about 150 people; none of whom has the remotest idea how to design databases using Access. In short my main databases are:
- Personnel DB
- Travel DB
- Tasks DB
- Training DB
I have a bunch of other ones but these are the main DBs and my customer loves them. I split the Travel DB into a front and back end thus allowing each employee to log their own travel and vacations. In fact, got the idea of how to do that on this very site.
And here's a question: Can I be to into Access? Why just the other night I actually dreamt in VB. In my sleep addled brain I dreamed that the user had asked me to program a report format to make the letters appear in vermilion under certain conditions. Problem was I wasn't exactly sure what vermilion looked like so instead of writing the code as RGB(,,,), I just wrote vbVermilion. Do other Access nuts have dreams like this? Maybe I should get into Excel. No, I like Access too much.
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post Jan 10 2008, 02:33 PM

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Joined: 4-October 07
From: Dunedin, FL

I use Access to create reports for our Customer Database at my job! I use the queries to generate information based on certain needs of the managers! in my old job i used Access to enter in Sales Leads and enter in Follow ups for the sales staff. We also used it to keep track of the Customer's products. It was our Main Database for our customers!
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post Jan 13 2008, 10:29 AM

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Joined: 13-May 03
From: OHIO

I recently designed a database to prepare rate sheets for the insurance company I work for. Prior to my idea agents would have to find the appropriate Excel Spread sheet for the payroll mode, then find the worksheet for the industry code, then pick the items they wanted by cut and paste or deleting those they don't want.
Ocreated a great interface, screenshot attached, and agents were very excited about the application. I made the mistake of showing my idea to corporate IT and in January they are releasing their own version. Of course I am just a little dissappointed because I thought I might make a little side income from the hours I spent on it. Still, I also learned a lot building the database.
I am always looking for new ways to use Access, design forms and reports and just have fun with it.
Carl Foote
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post Jan 16 2008, 10:32 PM

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Why I use Access Database? I use this database for my organizations to store what frequencies assigned to them.... only simple database...
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post Feb 18 2008, 01:45 PM

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Joined: 16-October 06
From: Tennessee

I'm working part time in the Plant Services department of a university. I've been using Access to track maintenance records for HVAC equipment associated with all buildings owned by the university: academic, administrative, support dept facilities, dorms, rental housing, and rented commercial property. This includes a regulated filter change schedule which determines when filters should be checked, changed, etc. (some for health reasons such as food service areas and health center). We archive these records on an annual basis to track the technician's conformance to the schedule.
nother db tracks work performed on campus locations showing labor and materials used. This one is by far the most complex and challenging since it requires downloading from another system to an Excel spreadsheet, manipulating the data using Macros and then uploading to the Access db. At any given time a work request can be called up and the requestor can see progress/cost to that point in time. Another handles invoicing for work and materials used by outside entities (sister organizations). Another database tracks faculty/staff and student rental units (not dormitory).
Reports generated by each db are submitted to a central accounting office for posting to the general ledger. The accounting package won't reliably accept an upload from Access.
Oappreciate the forum and wish I had discovered it sooner.
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post Mar 4 2008, 12:35 PM

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Joined: 22-February 08
From: London, England

I joined a small but fast growing business 7 years ago to run their HR dept. We had about 500 employees when I started and all their info was kept on an Excel spreadsheet. Seeing the limitations of this as we grew I put in place an Access database.
He now have over 3,500 employees and, due to the high turnover of staff in the retail industry in the UK, records on over 15,000 people on this same database all with their employment, training, salary and personal data stored. It works really well and has cost us nothing. Plus I can continue to develop it and add to it in a way that suits us. It's only limitations appear to be what I'm able to learn how to do and I nearly am always able to find a way around a problem.
I've had salesmen come in from bespoke HR software companies quoting £30k plus for their product only to look at the one I've set up and admit that theirs can't do it any better (although perhaps a bit tidier; my back office stuff has got a bit messy).
I'm very proud of it and it shows how powerful Access can be. I'm also entirely self-taught (books and messing around). I think Access is a great bit a software and certainly nothing anyone with a bit of IT savvy should be afraid to try out.
I've just recently discovered the forum and it's been incredibly helpful already.
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post Mar 20 2008, 05:43 PM

Posts: 11
Joined: 13-March 08
From: Oakland, CA, USA

I use it for personal use, altho I may have a business interested in my current project (will need touch screen).
I am a birder (aka bird watching), and I want to keep track of what I have seen, when, and where. This is a very similar problem to a standard business application, with products (bird species) and customers (locations), where a purchase order (sightings at location on a specific date) may contain a list of products ordered (birds seen) on a specific date.
My current project is to access a database with just the mouse, and with larger, more 'user friendly' controls than Microsoft supplies. Data entry will of course require the keyboard. Navigation controls, the close button, and scrollbars are too small for older people. Also, it takes too much effort to find a record in an alphabetical list once that list is over 25 rows. There are over 10,000 species of birds, and ~1500 start with "B".
I am self-taught. Most of the books I've tried were worthless, so I learned using Access 'Help' and the internet.
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post Mar 28 2008, 12:48 AM

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Joined: 21-January 06
From: Tirupati, AP State, India

My situation is very similar to Ernesto's. Especially about the piracy and about difficulty in getting data entry done.
primarily use Access for maintaining simple static data related to my work with STD/HIV/AIDS. (That would mean Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Human Immuno Virus/Acquire Immunodeficiency Syndrome for people from other areas of work). No need for relationships, junction tables, VB code and macros, and select querries. So I can say I am perhaps using about 10% of the capabilities of Access. Apart from that I mainly use the program to learn it as thoroughly as I can.
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post May 23 2008, 08:41 AM

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Joined: 16-October 06
From: Tennessee

The DBs I've developed consist of several. On is for scheduling/tracking filter changes for over 700 HVAC units affiliated with our University. This had originally been tracked using Excel which contained monthly tabs showing units (along with size of filter and date changed) according to a pre-determined need. Very cumbersome. Now tables help generate reports with coded times for groups of units to be serviced in addition to a pick-list of what tech needs to take with them for that particular group. When tech has completed each group a date is assigned for time of service. A report can be generated to monitor how well tech is doing job.
nother db tracks faculty/student housing rentals showing current/past occupants as well as any maintenance required in the unit's upkeep (captured through use of a subform). This db also contains rental rates per unit, contact information of renter, move-in/out dates, particulars about what unit has (number of bedrooms, heat source, sq ft, etc.).
Yet another db tracks all work orders for any maintenance performed on campus as well as material costs. This db contains stock room inventory table, work order detail (hours/period work done) table, customer information table for items purchased by staff, affiliated entities, invoice header table, invoice detail table.
Each db is designed to provide reports/forms for looking up any type of information a supervisor/director wishes to view for any type of function be it productivity of an employee, cost of maintaining a piece of equipment or rental unit, etc. This is what makes the versatility of ACCESS so great. Just about any question you can ask can be answered somehow. Also UA has been most helpful when I've run into a problem for which I couldn't find any other source for a solution.
Thanks for being there.
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post Jun 11 2008, 09:55 AM

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Joined: 11-June 08
From: London, UK

Hi folks,
I am the Site Manager for the Coulsdon High School (soon to be Coulsdon Academy). I've been tinkering with Access and Excel over the years, and now I think it's time to use them in earnest.
I have a 'Master' Access 2003 database, where I keep as much information about what I do in there, such as Lettings Contacts, Furniture Stock, Key List, etc. etc. They're basically all tables, but no real purpose other than to store information. However, I am now in charge of maintaining the Portable Appliance Testing , or PAT, and have started to develope a database for the purpose of keeping records and issueing of reports; consisting of an Inventory and sub-forms for the recording of test results.
At the moment, it is about 90% to my likeing, but I have run out of steam (halfway through the Access 2003 Bible, and I can't see for looking!).
I was just wondering, if any kind soul out there had any time on their hands, and the enthusiasm to help me complete the project, I would be eternally greatful?
Cheers... Robert
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post Jul 9 2008, 01:25 PM

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From: AZ

Started with '97 in 1998.
He sell glasses to restaurants, and restaurant supply business. Access is the backend DB for Orders, CMs, POs, tracking and customer research applications. We've about 15 different programs, some of which are pretty esoteric, such as researching the sales trends of particular items to particular customers, or categories of customer.
HAs we are adding product images to many applications, we are bumping the 2 gig limit. Therefore, we'll probably convert to SQL as the back end. To that end, I'm converting queries to T-SQL as time allows.
Access has its quirks (I'm still PO'd about the printing "improvements" in 2007.) but it has allowed a one person part time programmer to deploy some pretty sophisticated applications and modify & update them fairly easily.
UA has been a real help to me. While I've never actually solved a problem by posting a question, viewing other's issues has given me innumerable tips and help (that darn printer setup issue for one ((said I was still PO'd))). While I find few questions where I think I may contribute, and I'm not always sure that I can really help, the occasional "Thank You" response does really validate my efforts and brighten my day.
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post Jul 23 2008, 12:16 PM

Posts: 58
Joined: 29-June 08
From: Canada

I have volunteered for the non-profit organization Make-A-Wish of Southwestern Ontario (kid's with a life threatening illness) - now in my 16th year.
Back in 1995 - I started to create a database for their needs as a non-profit organization which at that time no other chapter in Canada had a database system and the London chapter was using WP51 and Lotus 123.
I had no experience in databases or VBA so this was a learn as you go project - beg, borrow and steal what ever I could to make it do what ever was required. I basically was making changes to accommodate their needs as they arose.
I was finally able to clean up the database this year which enabled me to run the debug compiler and make a MDE file which made me feel pretty good as I had'nt been able to do this before.
Thank's to the UA forum and the experts - I have been able to make improvements to some of my VBA code making things work better and also improve the appearance of reports and forms.
This site has been great for me and I hope it continues - I have found most of the members and VPs are considerate of VBA in-experienced mess arounds like me - and I certainly appreciate it.
JimBud - a getting old cranky man with soft heart.
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