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> What do you use Microsoft Access for?    
post Aug 8 2005, 11:49 PM

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Joined: 31-May 05
From: Washington (state)

what I've learned has been by reading books.
developed a db over 6 years with two people different IT people (who had major differences in how to accomplish tasks) to track students in our university choral program. It tracks their history - which ensembles they've been in, as well as the normal address phone, major. It inclludes their high school, since I often go out and work with high schools, it's nice to be able to say who came to our univ. from that school. Am currently trying to find a way to merge and send letters to each school - "We appreciate so and so being in our groups, thanks for your role in helping them as a musician, etc."
Other dbs:
*Repertoire used for Honor Choirs - when I guest conduct, helps me not duplicate, or gives ideas for other groups
*Single Copy file - over 6000 pieces of music, is tied to my CD DB (not very well at the moment) with what cd's those pieces appear on
*db for the material for my dissertation - Access generated a few reports that were included (on L'homme armé mass kyries out of the renaissance)
I'm working on designing a db to track a choir festival we hold and I run for 115 choirs from over 70 schools, 5 hired clinicians.
Entries, school info, ensemble info, clinician info, etc. I'm trying to do it "right", according to the "Database Design for mere Mortals" book I found and was impressed with.
I've already picked up more than a few tips from UA. This forum is a breath of fresh air - well run and full of knowledgeable people. I know how much I don't know when I read the posts of super-knowledgeable people (although, then I think of how many of them would know much about the L'homme armé tradition and feel be... no, not really - I just wonder why they'd want to frown.gif
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post Aug 19 2005, 08:56 AM

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Joined: 19-August 05

I built my own complete analytical accounting system under access 1.1, gradually upgraded it, it now runs under access 2000 and 2003 it is multi-currency (all menu's and reporting are in dutch) and it is only working for Belgian VAT reporting etc...
also use access for administration of the club I am president of (ACVA), mailing lists etc..
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post Sep 13 2005, 08:34 AM

Posts: 2,410
Joined: 15-February 05
From: Den Bosch - Netherlands

I've developed a system consisting of a frontend, backend, overhead and administrator. The frontend is used by a 12-lady sized call centre. It constantly provides them with new contacts to call, helps them process whatever they achieve while calling. The administrator prints letters, creates management information and creates a backup of the backend database, and this all happens around midnight.
The overhead system contains a management information system with charts and such, a CRM, and lots of other uses like the Call Center control board, which I'm pretty proud of. It shows exactly what everyone is doing, where they are calling, and thing like if they are on schedule.
When I'm done with it, and have polished everything out, it will be sold along with our whole company concept for international use... Pretty curious how much they'll ask for it frown.gif
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post Oct 26 2005, 12:02 PM

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Joined: 4-February 04
From: Pennington, NJ

I use Access to: manage data, manage staff, manage resources, provide useable data from diverse and seemingly unrelated bits of flotsam, it's a reporting tool, a time keeper, production tool, statisical aid, I use it to house business info, telephone directories, mailing lists, client lists, indexable lists of every imaginable shape and size, it helps to organize the strucutre of life into relationships and create unity out of a vast void of chaotic digital static.
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post Jan 12 2006, 07:15 AM

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Joined: 4-November 04
From: Preston, Lancs, UK!

a massively complicated school database for reports, acheivements, classes marks etc.
se VBA modules fairly exstensively
never used data access pages ever!
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post Apr 4 2006, 12:55 PM

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Joined: 4-April 06

I use it in career consulting to track client progress through the curriculum. This the first database I have actually persisted with anyway. Have used it hit and miss in the past as I learned the program. ~Stevie
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post Apr 5 2006, 10:21 AM

Posts: 545
Joined: 26-September 05
From: Norfolk, UK

Non-conformance reporting (with Excel and Outlook)
Mission critical production reporting and analzying using a local mdb to store data then append to an Oracle database (the local database is available even if the network is down) with Excel, Outlook and Oracle
Manhours, production and downtime recording
Telephone database
Safety showers database
Breathing apparatus database
Gunsmith stock control
Production control (with SQL Server back end)
Hotel bookings
Local history society document database
Risk analysis
Membership database
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post Apr 16 2006, 04:38 PM

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Joined: 13-April 06

I designed a database I call LIST of EVENTS to enter information about individuals I find while researching our family tree.
My putting in as much info like dates of birth, death, marriages, and locations (including churches), it helps to isolate those who are likely to be our family. I've included spouses, children, and sources as well. I can do so many reports and using a wide array of search criteria it's been great. Each individual has his/her own ID number. Before there was an enormous list and no way to really compare the data.
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post Apr 18 2006, 09:16 AM

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Joined: 16-March 06
From: Germany

Build my first database to keep track of all the girls dated by my frathouse.... things like what they liked or disliked, phone nrs, pictures, ex boyfriends ect - A must have if you were looking for a date on a friday night....
ater we added a module to store and retrieve recepies for drinks....
Now i use access to gether and compare time scheduling data and costing data stored on large SQL servers
Wish i was still in uni....
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post Apr 18 2006, 10:01 AM

Posts: 9
Joined: 14-April 06

I started using A97 in 1998 at work to track employee hours on 3rd shift because HR was not there when the employees had questions about their hours worked or how much vacation they had available. Nobody wanted to wait a day to get their answer and neither did I. So my first, self-taught, database tracked the employees' start and stop times and their vacation usage and accrual (percentage of all hours worked including OT). It was quite a challenge to get the reports to show total hours worked and total vacation accrual because the time accruals would turn over at 24 hours and many employees hours spanned 2 days (start before midnight), and I found that the formulas that I used in Excel did not work the same in Access.
ext I built a db that would track labor productivity for 13 different assembly lines by line, shift, and model numbers pulled from an antiquated MRP system on a UNIX server. The data is then linked to an Accounting db that tracks "Standard Units" based on assembly time and is used for pricing new models. This was my first real challenge for a multiuser environment and dealing with strict data entry controls to prevent false data.
We also use Access for scheduling assembly lines, tracking scrap & rework, QA incident reports, internal ISO 9000 audits, tool calibrations, insertion machine setup changes where there are 75 different parts on a machine at any given time with over 3000 different parts available to go onto the machine. This db will tell the operator what parts to change from one assembly to another and what location they are in on the machine. It allowed us fleibility to change the locations on the machine to reduce changeovers because previous change overs were documented on paper. We used barcodes to read the part numbers and the locations on the machine to accomplish this.
At home, I have started using A02 to develop a db to track my wife's clients for her salon, their contact info, perms used, products purchased, and hair color formulations, and plan to include client appointment scheduling. My next upcoming project at home will be a db to track the different hybrids of Irises that I am growing along with pictures and potential new hybrids developed.
I have read a lot of the uses that have been listed and it has helped me form new ideas of what I can use it for. And some of the other projects here are so out of my league, We're not worthy notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
I just recently found UA and to think that development could have been so much easier if I would have found you sooner. uarulez2.gif thanks.gif
You have me hooked!!!!
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post Apr 28 2006, 10:31 AM

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I use Access to pull data together for ad-hoc reporting from other RDBMS's such as Oracle, SQL, and Access. Links to tables in foreign databases allow me to pull data together. Mostly IT requests and effort hours stored in Lawson Oracle database glued to tracking data in Access.
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post Apr 28 2006, 03:40 PM

Posts: 34
Joined: 24-March 06
From: South Texas

I am an accountant that got my degree in CS in the late 80's. I programmed in Cobol and RPG for 4 years then got out of it and into accounting. I continued to dabble in Access but nothing spectacular. I recently started working for a large vegetable co. (Nationwide) who runs an old mainframe and uses queries with excel for their cost reports. I wrote a couple of easy Access cost reports and now I have been put into the DP department to move all the excel cost reports to Access! The problem is that I am not that good in Access. I went to Barnes and Noble, picked up a VBA Access book and am going from there. This site has been a godsend for me. I hope to be able to repay the many favors soon.
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post Jul 21 2006, 10:16 AM

Posts: 770
Joined: 21-July 06
From: Las Vegas NV

at the moment im building a database for my [cable] company and learning the program at the same time. it seems im not the only one whom has learned this program as a result of using it for some task as an alternative to sloppy super-mathy spreadsheets.... so im just comein around in case things come up... so far i tend to be able to learn how to accomplish whatever task as long as i can take a whole day to figure out how to do it so i dont know if ill be around much but im glad i found a joint where people seem to discuss the program in such detail sad.gif
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post Jul 26 2006, 10:19 AM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 4,457
Joined: 2-March 04
From: Suffolk, England

Hi Gord.
I used to use Lotus 123 and realised when I got into access that trying to write databases in a spreadsheet in like banging your head against a wall, day in day out.
When I was with my previous company, I wrote loads of application.
Some were for data capture, manipulation and reporting. Some were just for reporting data from an ERP system.
The bigget project was an 8 month write for a contracting process.
This involved gathering global data of purchases, and then based on the category that the user was working one, it would prepare an RFI (request for information) from plants globally and based on their answer may request further information.
This would then be analysed by Category managers, who would send this to vendors to bid on.
The vendors bids would be analysed by the system and contracts awarded from here.
This was then prepared into a contract for the vendor to sign, entered to the ERP system and savings calculated from here.
HAs a result, I got promoted.
Others were like an archive database I wrote to keep track of documents in boxes, generating a box number for the box to be archived off site.
Worked great as long as you did not have a Bozo who entered data like "Philip's papers, Various" Chocolate teapots come to mind here.
I have written a customer database for a water softening manufacturer, so he can contact customers when it is time for then to have a service. This allows all callout paperwork and mailshots to be eaisly generated, and any callout for repair or serice only takes the user 4 key strokes to add the data. My client is over the moon about the tool.
Outside work I have written membership database for groups I belong to, and a project managemnt tool for planning the timeline and events needed to be done when putting on a play.
All great stuff.
What I do notice is that I turn to access for almost everything and stay away from excel.
I was, until this year limited to A97, but now use A2003.
I do not use DAP yet. Probably because I know and can deliver using forms and reports so have not thought about them yet.
Not sure if this is what you wanted but.
PS Gord, the new search and disply stuff is very cool.
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post Sep 21 2006, 03:16 PM

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I'm new to the forum, but thought I'd put in my 2 cents' worth. I previously created a database to manage the legal cases at a hospital. Currently, I'm attempting to put together a database to record the purchase orders that we generate - items that we buy from our vendors. Unfortunately, I'm having problems with it, as I've never created this particular kind before. Any kind of help would be wonderful! So far, I love this forum! crazy.gif thanks.gif
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post Oct 2 2006, 03:49 PM

Posts: 157
Joined: 10-July 06
From: Hawaii

I use it to beat cockroaches to death. wink.gif
rimarily I use it for small websites. But lately I've found a small niche of people in LARGE companies that want quick Access db's for things like attendance monitoring. The company IT depts don't want to be bothered with such small projects so I get to scarf them up. Had to get back up to speed since the last time I created Access applications with forms and reports was with Access 97. Just a tad different from 2002/3 which most of them have.
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post Oct 19 2006, 01:14 PM

Posts: 155
Joined: 11-January 06
From: Massachusetts

Strictly business. Have used access for approx 10 yrs. Developed programs for Quality Assurance .
Reject/Corrective action , Vendor Rating, Customer Drawing/Specifications, Metallurical/Welding Inspection, Test Data report databases.
ecent developments have been Job Costing , Sales/ Quoting databases.
Being a self trained programmer, Mech Eng degree, I have found a lot of info in this forum to be a great asset.
Keep up the good work.
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post Dec 4 2006, 03:41 PM

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Joined: 14-August 02

If you can believe it, I work in I.T. kind of a help desk situation and I took an Access class a long time ago but honestly I have never built anything that worked. This is something I would like to explore a little more but because of lack of time, and what to come up with to try to design so lack of ideas, I haven't attempted anything yet let alone visual basic. I guess I just need to get in and try something. How did all of you start? Ground zero in teaching yourself? Books? Out of Interest?
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post Dec 5 2006, 12:06 AM

UtterAccess Editor
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From: Northern Virginia, USA

Out of need and interest ... My employer needed a lot of informaton analysed, so I wrote a Lotus 1-2-3 Macro to do it ... My Dad needed a payroll program, so I wrote it in Alpha 4 (DOS dbase compatible program). Basically most of my learning came from having a project to do, then using the proper tool to do it in. My employer sent me to school for ~1yr to learn a thing or two about embedded controllers (Engine/Transmission Controllers). The code used for those was a mix between C, Modula-GM and Assembly. Now that often presented challenges! ... It was hard to develop a program which did not have a user interface!!! ...
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post Jan 2 2007, 10:36 AM

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Joined: 6-February 00
From: Quito, Ecuador

Mostly in law enforcement. (But I did do one for a parish I used to attend -before a transfer to another place. Getting one on the good side of the book)
I have been doing this for awhile and feel dumber ever day when I read of the creative thngs being done with access. Saw the NYPD switchboard today. Never thought of that...and transparent forms...the list goes on. Think the search form is ahead of sliced bread.
Have some concerns
security. Hear a lot that access is not secure.
Number of users and record locking. Seems to limit the scope of access.
The web. Access has gotten some negative reviews for web use. But hope it isn't so. In a developing country the web based approach would save a lot of headaches...and money.
UA is great. The responses are timely and the help outstanding. Without UA I would have given up a long time ago.
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