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> Msysobjects Flags, Any Version    
post Feb 7 2004, 08:43 PM

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Recently ran into a variation of this query, intended to return information on an application's tables and queries:
 MsysObjects.Name AS ObjectName, IIf([type]=5,"Query","Table") AS ObjectType, MsysObjects.Type, MsysObjects.Flags
    FROM MsysObjects
    WHERE (((MsysObjects.Type) In (1,5,6))
    AND ((MsysObjects.Flags) In (0,16,128,2097152))
    AND ((Left$([Name],1))<>"~")
    AND ((Left$([Name],4))<>"Msys"))
    ORDER BY MsysObjects.Type, MsysObjects.Name;

I was a little perplexed about the MsysObjects.Flags and how they figured into the equation.
Apparently, they are undocumented but, with a little research, came up with this listing of definitions. Can't guarantee it's complete, but think it's probably pretty close.
Understand that this is probably something that most of us will never use, but it might be useful to tuck it away somewhere for future reference (just in case):
Append = 64
Crosstab = 16
Data-Definition = 96
Delete = 32
Deleted or temp ( prefixed with ~) = 3
Hidden = 8
Linked Table= 2097152
Make-Table = 80
MSys Table (w/o read permission) = 2
MSys Table (w/ read permission) = -2147483648
Select Query or standard table = 0
Union = 128
Update = 48
Best wishes -- Bob
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